Posted by: cris | August 9, 2008

Dried Malunggay (Moringa) Leaves

I dried some malunggay leaves. Here are some pics

Harvested malunggay hanging for drying

Dried malunggay collected after drying

Midribs removed



  1. …ask ko lng po gaano katagal ung itatagal nung malunggay leaves powder after mamanufacture???thanx po…

  2. Lailanie,

    The shelf life of a product needs to be evaluated by a laboratory. For example, if you manufacture Virgin Coconut Oil, you have to submit samples to the Philippine Coconut Authority, pay the necessary fees, and they will study it. They will take note of the condition of your product every period. Lets say, every month. This way, they’ll be able to note the changes in the quality of your product every month.
    They will give you a report of their study.

    The same goes with malunggay powder. I’m just not sure, which government agency handles this kind of study. You could check with maybe, BFAD or DOST.

    Good Luck.


    • ask ko pa rin po kung paano nyo hinuhugasan ang malungay?

      • sa planganang malaki na puti para makita mo and lahat ng dirt, insects and other foreign objects

  3. Thank you very much po.

  4. ganon rin po ba ang gagawin ko kpag gagawa ako ng moringa powder? idry ko rin ba?

  5. hello po. im a graduating student po of nutrition and dietetics. we are doing our thesis. our thesis is malunggay cookies. can you help me how to make it. thnx

  6. That’s what I do avi. But there may be other ways. This is just my idea, not based on any study.

    Good luck

  7. Alezel

    I’ll try to make if I have time. Then I’ll post it here. However, I’m so busy these days so try to experiment also. Maybe we can exchange ideas.


  8. I am interested to make malunggay shake from (Malunggay Powder). Then I add Dextrose powder to add some ingredients….. Dextrose powder provides much needed energy to stay alert and strong………..

  9. albert

    I am not familiar with dextrose but please go on. try it and please let us know the result. thanks for dropping by albert.


  10. gnu po katagal pgdry s leaves bgo ipuverized?ty po

    • sa akin kasi binibilad ko balungay then pag natuyo na or natangal na sa tangkay sinsangag ko then pag puede na durugin blend ko apra maging powder.

  11. maan

    paki check lang maan kung crispy na ba. kasi pede na yun ma pulbos.


  12. First Remove The Malunggay Leaves From The Stem…

    Den Sundried it By 3-5 hours..

    den pulverize it using mortal and pestle

    then its’ ready

    i hope i can help…

  13. jed,

    salamat sa additional info. Salamat din sa pag daan sa aking blog corner. meri krismas sa inyo.


  14. good afternoon. . . .ahm. . . .we just want to ask. . . .if we can still use malunggay polvoron as a main subject of our study on our thesis? . . . .eventhough there’s already an existing product made by others. . . . .thank you. . . .God bless. . . ^.^

  15. michael

    I think it’s possible. Just give it a twist like dipping your polvoron in melter chocolate. Sell them and see how it fares as compared to your pure malunggay flavored polvoron.

    good luck!


  16. hi cristina!

    Good day. I am looking for a malunggay farm where i can get a supply of malunggay leaves more or less 600 kilos.We will be using it for our study. I am just wondering if you knew a farm so i drop by. Thanks!

    • are you still in need of malunggay leaves? i have almost 6,000 trees in my farm here in Lumban,Laguna…u can contact me at 09235337903 or e-mail me at

      • roberto,

        sorry i am no longer in need of them. i suggest you process the leaves and sell it. even the seeds can be profitable.

        though right now, malunggay is scarce here in cebu, it is not advisable to transport it very far. the best i can advise you is prepare a processing area in the vicinity of your farm, or near it if you have problems with water and electricity in your farm. It is best to harvest and transport it in the early morning and start processing asap .

        good luck

  17. hi christina just visit your blog and we are gathering feasibility studies we choose malunggay as our topic. i just want to know if there a plantation of malunggay here in our country? im looking forward for your answer thanks and Godbless

  18. karen

    I have no knowledge of any malunggay plantation here in Cebu. I will let you know as soon as I learn of any. Good Luck.


    • am also from lamac consolacion cebu we have several malungay trees in our garden and in my backyard we usually use it as ingredient in utan bisaya all of us enjoy to include my apos infact we are planting more trees because like u we enjoyed the benifits of this plant at this time me and my brother are producing several capsules for our personal consumption as well as we share it also with our relatives and i myself is sending capsules to my kidz in ireland for thier personal use hopefully some filipinos out there might love it also so we could share with them too

      thanks for your site i have been reading all info regarding this malungay specially your recepies we love ur polvoron it taste good

      • thanks mam babes

  19. what are the ingredients needed to prolong the shelf life of malunggay powder?
    is there any preservative used in malunggay powder in order to extend its shelf life?thanx
    gudday…what are ur materials and equipment used in making malunggay powder?thanx so mch…

    if its purely malunggay powder, how long we sell the malunggay powder?thanx so mch i nid it for my thesis…………..hope you will reply as soon as you recieve my msge….

  20. prez

    i only make malunggay powder for self consumption not for sale so i dont make much of it, i dont use preservatives and materials and equipments are available in this blog. you really have to make your own experiments because your malunggay powder will be for sale.

    good luck.


  21. We can supply good quality of Moringa leaf powder, Moriga seed.
    etc. If you are interest contact our email address

    • pwede po ba makabili ng buto ng malunggay? magkano?

      • hi nina. sa municipality of alcoy, cebu madami sila. di ko lang alam pano makontak. tag teo pesos per kilo ang price. nalaman ko yan last august 2010 during the tradefair sa cebu capitol

  22. jvn food products sell PURE malunggay powder at P1.00 per gram , we also manufacture/sell malunggay chips , carrot chips , tahong chips and soon malunggay capsules. call or txt 0917 796 3048 , or email , we are here in Kawit , Cavite. thanks

  23. Hello po…
    Ask ko lang po kung may iba pa pong way para mapowderize ang malunggay…
    kasi po, in-oven po namin tapos dinikdik…
    Kc pag hindi po in-oven, lalabas po ung katas…
    ilang days po ba talaga dapat patuyuin ang malunggay?? Thanks po…

    • hi iam wilma salazar. palagi kung nilalagyan ng malunggay lahat ng pagkain ng mga kids ko kahit pansit canton nilalagyan ko. 3 days dapat nakabilad lang sa hangin hindi sa araw ang dahon ng malunggay tapos ipagpag mo para bumagsak ang dahon. pilian mo ng tangkay tapos isangag mo sa kawaling mahina lng ang apoy pag may crispy nang dahon hanguin mo palamigin mo saka mo durugin ng kamay salain mo dipende sa laki ng salaan kung anu gusto mo. may matitira pang iba na di agad agad nakicrispy ganun din gagawin mo. makikita mo makakagawa ka ng malungay powder. tnx

  24. Hello everyone. We are starting a large-scale planting of malunggay in the island of Alabat (Quezon Prov). We are looking for suppliers of malunggay seeds. Our plan is to buy seeds up to 500 kilos (or more if the price is affordable). If you could supply, please contact us at or by voice/text at 0928-781-6784. Many thanks!

  25. ask ko lang ilang days dapat patuyuin ang malungay bago kainin? tnx po

    • kahit hindi mo patuyuin pwede mong iluto at kainin agad mas maganda yun. tnx

  26. Manny,

    if you sun dry the leaves, according to an article in Agriculture magazine about a certain producer in Metro Manila, it takes them 18 hours of sun drying. A friend of mine says 2 weeks, for me, 1 week is enough because I finish it off with baking. When I bake bread, I include a tray of malunggay. It really depends on the manner of drying. For me, drying directly under the sun is no good.

    I air dry the malunggay at the terrace under shade for 3 to 4 days then oven roasting(?) Maybe you could even roast it like what you do with pinipig in a pan.


  27. hi madam gud pm,ok lang ba sa oven toaster i dry ang malungay after 4 days sa air dry

  28. Manny,

    Ok rin siguro basta madali lang kasi di ba masyado namang maliit yung distance ng light sa plate ng oven toaster.

    I try mo rin manny na ibusa sa kawali. Kasi yun ang ginagawa ko sa sili. Sun dry then toast sa pan. try mo, baka puede. Tapos, puede paki share mo uli kung ano ang nagyari para mas maraming tao ang makinabang sa info. Salamat.


  29. hi maam cris….i am amaze of the nutritional benefits

    of moringa.i am a nurse and will be working at the school.i may know how to make a puree.i wanted to the children from malnutrition.

    tnx a lot.

  30. The recommended drying process is AIR DRYING.This means, you want to put them under the shade, , and not directly exposed to the sun.

    A number of heat-sensitive nutrients are lost when the leaves are exposed to direct sun light, while air-drying only removes the water content from the leaves.

    When drying using an oven, make sure that you don’t shut the doors close. Leave a gap of 5-7 cm to draw the moisture out.

    Okay din kung tapatan ninyo ng electric fan or blower to keep the air circulating.

    Kung sarado naman ang oven, mas mabilis syang matuyo pero kailangan nyong bantayan mabuti.

  31. By the way, kung walang oven at nagmamadali. Puwede ring initin gamit ang kawali.

    Pero mas maganda kung na-air-dry na, bago i-finish with the oven or kawali.

  32. hi ms. cristina.. buti nakita ko blogsite mo. very informative. plan ko kasi ihalo yung malunggay leaves sa ibat ibang beverage mixes. kaya need ko yung mga infos. thanks…

    malalasahan pa ba ung pait pag powder form cya or mejo subtle na?

    • ejay,

      subtle na ang taste pag dried. yes, you may use for beverages like smoothies/shakes.

      good luck.


  33. hi madam gud am,grabe ung power ng dried malungay,malaki ang naitulong sa akin,ipinatigil na ng doktor ung eye drop ko,dahil bumuti ang pressure ng mata ko,dahilan nwala ang inflamation na nag cause ng glaucoma,lumakas ang immune system ko,ito rin ngaun ang itinuturo ko sa mga anak ko.maraming salamat.

    • Manny,

      Salamat naman at nakita mo na ang mabuting resulta. Maaari bang i promote mo na rin sa mga kaibigan, kamag-anak, atbp ang kabutihan ng malunggay? Ito sana ang gusto kong ipahatid na mensahe sa ating mga kababayan na ang simpleng malunggay ay napakaraming kabutihan na maibibigay sa atin. Nutrisyon, at natural na panglunas sa ating mga nararamdaman sa katawan. Ang sakit daw ay naug uumpisa kung ang ating immune system ay humihina dahil hindi na makalaban ang ating katawan sa mga umaatake sa ating kalusugan.

      Ngayon, kahit na medyo may edad na tayo, atin itong ipaalam sa ating mga anak para naman ipagpatuloy nila ang pagpaparami ng malunggay upang makatulong din sa kanilang kalusugan. Isang magandang pamana ang isang kaalaman.

  34. pwede rin iluto ang malunggay bago dikdikin lalo n if gamit sa beverage dried frying parang sinangag na bigas wag lang sunog.. tnx

    • oo nga nel. puede nga.

  35. after harvest, puwede po ba hugasan un malunggay, bago for drying up? thanks po

    • oo wash first. it’s better to wash with soft water. if not available, cooled boiled water will do.

    • hi, pag ka pitas mo ng dahon ng malunggay ilubog mo sa tubig hayaan mo mga 5 minits, mayamaya kunin mo isa isa ilipat m sa ibang planganang me tubig ulit para cgurado wala na ang mga spider mkikita mo nalulunod ang mga spider na maliit at malaki na di agad natin napapansin. tnx

      • idagdag ko lang dapat pagpitas pa lang kinukuhaan na natin nng mga reject na dahon. iwagwag ang dahon pagkakuha pa lang sa puno. bago hugasan, isa-isahin na naman tignan ang sangang maliit kung merong mga insektong nasama. hugasan sa malaking planggana na maraming tubig isa isa. tatlong beses ulitin ang paghuhugas para mawala ang iba pang mga foreign particles. saka pa dapat igrupo sa tatlo o dalawang tangkay, talian ng pisi at saka isabit sa drying wire.

  36. hi madam,isa pa sa mga nkabenefit ng dried malunggay na ginawa ko ay mother in law..she was 84yrs old.nkatulong sa kanya ung tsaa na nagbigay sa kanya ng kaluwagan sa digestion, para mawala ang kanyang diarhea. at pati ung hipag ko na sobrang negative sa lahat ng supplement ngustuhan iyon lang daw ang ngustuhan nya.power ang malunggay..

    • totoo talaga manny. Power talaga ang malunggay. para sa akin base sa aking karanasan sa pag inom ng malunggay tumutulong ang mga sustansiyang nakukuha natin sa malunggay na ibalik ang mga nauubos at nagagamit nating naka lagak sa ating katawan. kung maubos na ang mga sustansyang naipon natin sa ating katawan mula ng bata pa tayo, dyan tayo nagkakasakit.

      Moringa is replenishing the nutrients that were depleted in our body. I also recommend this to middle age couples. Both the husband and wife should drink it because both of them will regain lost strength. even a teaspoon of moringa powder everyday will produce improvement in married life.

    • kuya Manny pano mo ginawa ung tea? Saka baka me alam kayo kung pano din makakuha ng langis mula sa malungay baka matulungan ang mother ko na me allergy para syang psoriasis, makati at mapula. 81 years old sya at diabetic. wala pa po kase kaming budget para magpatingin sa derma kase sigurado need din nya ng ointment or any drugs. Pd po email nyo ako kung paano? Thanks din po ke mam Cristina.

  37. gud day! ang dami kong info na nakuha from u. kahit nandito ako sa ibang bansa matagal na akong nagbabalak na magtanim ng malunggay dahil alam ko ang benefits nyan. gagawin ko yung mga powder nayan. salamat

  38. hi madam,sa ilang buwan ko pa lang na gumamit ng dried malunggay,marami na ang naikwento ng wife ko sa trabaho nya tungkol sa malunggay,marami sa knila ang gustong bumilli ng dried malunggay upang ipatikim sa mga anak nila na hindi kumakain ng of now ipinasusubok ko muna sa knila ang dried malunggay,upang mkita nila ang benepisyo ng malunggay sa katawan ntin,at ito rin ngaun ang pinag kaka abalahan ng utol ko na tinamaan ng depression na labis na nagpahirap sa kanya na hindi makatulog,na magbubunga ng pagkasira ng ulo. sa ngaun awa nman unti unti nang nakakarekober upang mag umpisa bumalik sa kanyang trabaho..power ang malunggay…maraming salamat sa ganitong napakahalagang impormasyon..lalo na ngaun marami ang tunay na nangangailangan,,at sa laganap na kahirapan

    • salamat din manny sa pag-share mo sa experience niyo. Good luck

  39. Salamat sa blogs nyo. Has anyone tried making smoothies or ice cream using the fresh malunggay leaves? Pashare naman po. Ano po ang pwedeng imix na fruit or other vegies pra bumuti ang lasa. Thanks.

    • Ang mga students ng University of Cebu-Lapulapu-Mandaue campus ay nanalo sa isang contest ng mga new business ideas dito sa cebu. Ang contest na ito ay sponsored ny Mandaue Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Ang kanilang proposal? Malunggay ice ream na gumamit ng fresh malunggay. Natikman ko ito pero di lang masyadong malasahan ng malunggay. i try mong gumawa ng ice cream with fresh malunggay juice. Baka ma swertehan mop ang sekreto.

      Sa smoothies, may mga gumagamit ng dried malunggay pero sigurado akong puedeng puede rin ang fresh. good luck

      • hi madam, 3 anak ko, 6yrs old,5 and 4.. may tanim akong malunggay everydy ko pinipitasan ng dahon. dati ginagawa kung powder ang malunggay para lang makakain sila kahit sa pritong egg nilalagay ko. ngayon di ko na pinapowder sanay na sila kumain ng fresh na dahon ng malunngay. masarap na ang lasa para sa mga kids ko khit pansit canton me lahok na malunggay. sa adobo maganda lagyan ng powder malunggay try nyo po masarap. tnx

      • Galing!

  40. hi i just encounter this site coz i am looking for a cure of my daughter’s psoriasis. I will try malunggay. I hope this would help

    • hi julie,

      if it is psoriasis please research also about candida albicans on the net. you might also want to try to limit the sweets intake of your daughter. if you have tried all kind of antibiotics. then probably the good bacteria in the gut were destroyed and the bad bacteria proliferated. please let me know the result of your journey. God Bless.

  41. .gud day!
    .i’m a third year high school student..
    .and i’m having a problem for a particular thing..
    .may you please teach to extract oil from moringa??
    .i can’t make it..
    .i tried to extract it..but i didn’t have oil..
    .even a drop of it..
    .may you please help me..
    .we are having our thesis..
    .our investigatory project at the same time..
    .thankyou! .

    • are you using seeds or leaves? moringa oil can only be extracted from the seeds. Based on, Seed from mature pods are roasted, mashed and placed in boiling water for five minutes. After straining and sitting overnight, the moringa oil floats to the surface.

      I will try to post an article about this if the original owner allows me. But for the meantime, check out this article

      good luck

  42. oh..
    .i forgot to say..
    .i don’t have any machine here to use..
    .particularly the Decorticating machine ..
    .i used mortar and pestle the last time i tried extracting the oil..
    .thakyou very much..
    .i owe you..
    .thanks for helping many people..
    .letting us know the essense of moringa in this world..
    .thanks a lot! .

  43. thankyou..

  44. hi ms. cristina

    nabasa ko po ang ishinare ni Mr. Manny Garcia about malunggay na nakatulong sa depression ng kapatid niya. As of the moment po, i am experiencing post-partum depression. Do you think makakatulong din ito sa akin. Do you know of any vegetable or herbal plant na makakatulong sa situation ko.

    Marami pong salamat…

    • melani,

      sige melani, try mo rin ang malunggay. puede mong inumin ang malunggay powder as tea, puede rin s na gamitin mo yung procedure sa latest post ko na titled painful menstruatio and malunggay tea. pakihanap na lang dito sa blog ko.

      tapos, check out this site also, tungkol yan sa lemon grass o tanglad. mabuti rin siguro na either pure tanglad lang ang i boil mo as tea o kaya ay lagyan mo ng tanglad yung dahon ng malunggay na ilalagay mo sa kumukulong tubig, katulad ng ginagawa ko.

      please let me know naman kung may naitulong itong mga ito. Good luck. Don’t give up. keep on praying. talk to friends. kaya mo yan. God Bless you and your baby.

  45. ate, pwd po bang gumamit ng malunggay powder as a milk para po sa i.p. namin??

  46. hi im joseph and i am trying to incorporate the dried malunggay leaves and seeds in my product which is an energy bar.i just want to know kung kailan pwede i roast and malunggay seeds and paano po ito i roast.i hope u can help me.thanks.

    • joseph

      roast lang to turn it brown not burnt. good luck

  47. While air drying, the leaves turn into yellow. Is that normal?

    • no juran, it is not normal for leaves to turn yellow. there are probable reasons for this. (1) the leaves were very mature that they are about to turn yellow when you harvested them; (2) there were too much leaves that it took a longer time to dry them; etc.

      please let me know how you dried the leaves and i will tell you the most probable reason for yellowing.

  48. ano po ba ang mga minerals na makikita sa malunggay dried leaves? kailangan lng po…. tnx

    • hi arcy,

      please check out/search moringa presentation. shows here the nutrients you get from moringa. good luck

      • ahm thanks po…tanong lng po… pag po ba pinagcombine ang malunggay seeds at malunggay leaves ay magiging mabisang water purifier?

  49. based on research the seeds are used for water purification. Seeds has no color. if you use leaves, you will change the color of the liquid you’re trying to purify

  50. hello po!!tanuung ko lang po kung anu-ano po yung natutulong ng malunggay sa atin?.At iba pa pong impormasyon…


  51. Madam, nakita ko na po ung pag gawa ng tea, question lang po dried po ba ung gagamitin?

    • yes mei

  52. Hi, Ms. Cristina, thanks for all the info about moringa that you shared. Dito ako sa blog mo nakakuha ng maraming ideas. I have recently joined this malunggay venture and we are still developing the farm. All the work thanks to my hubby mostly. It’s been 3 months since we began and the farm is getting better and better.
    Hoping to exchange ideas with you. More power!

    • good luck

      • Hello! glad to find your site, learned many ideas here. I’m into malunggay growing as well. Our malunggay trees are planted in an old ricefield that always dries up kaya we used it for malunggay instead. We planted them on raised beds. I noticed though, some of the trees, after the recemt typhoon. a few leaves begin to turn yellow. Could you help me please where to find info about the cause of yellowing and how to correct it, if there is any organic or chemical fertilizer that needs to be added. Your info will greatly help. Thanks in advance, Ms Cristina, and more power!

    • thanks christine

  53. ask ko lang po kung anong mga vitamins ang nawawala pag natuyo yung mallunggay leaves by solar radiation??

  54. I learned from a barangay in Dasma Cavite that a Japanese/Korean is buying fresh malungay leaves then have it powdered. Do you have any idea how much is the reasonable price of malungay leaves?

    • hi romeo,

      ang going rate dito pag ide deliver mo sa planta, 20pesos per kilo. if pickup along the main road 15per kilo.

  55. […] Dried Malunggay (Moringa) Leaves August 200880 comments […]

  56. hello! gusto ko mag business ng moringa dito sa Kidapawan city, cotabato province, please send me your price list including shipping or call me at 09071155813. natigil kasi kami because we lack supply. thank you.

    • hi ronald. i hope you received my email. please add me as contact in your fb and maybe well chat sometime.

  57. hi ronald. i hope you received my email. please add me as contact in your fb and maybe well chat sometime.

  58. pwede po ba gawing juice ang dried malunggay leaves?

    • rAnx,

      mag boil ka ng tubig, then lagyan mo na malunggay powder/dried leaves. simmer for a minute or two, then you have your malunggay juice/tea. try it

  59. Can u email me your pricelist? My company need unpulverized Moringa leaves. Thank you…

    • I’m sorry Mr. Tom, but I can’t supply that at the moment. will email you when i have the capability to supply that. thanks.

      • Thanks

    • hi mr. Tom…maybe we can work out on something about your need of Moringa leaves.I have a farm here in Lumban,Laguna planted with almost 6,000 malunggay trees and keeps on planting to fill up the entire additional 4’s my contact number–09235337903 or my e-mail–

      • Dear Mr. Sabido,

        May I know how much is your price for a kilo of dried malunggay leaves ? Do you require a minimum order ?

        I look forward to your reply.

  60. hi do you know how to make moringa capsules from the powder?

    • mark,

      its basically the powder that you put in the empty capsule gels. for personal use, you may manually fill the capsules, by using just spoon. but for commercial production you need to buy a filler. there’s a manual filler and mechanmical filler. i just don’t know where to buy them. good luck


  61. hi! do you have a capsule maker for the moringa powder?

    • mark

      sorry mark, i don’t prepare capsules. you may buy them from suppliers. or if for personal use only, you may try mercury drug. here in cebu, we can buy empty capsules from these drug stores.

  62. I see, I already bought an empty ketchup container which the nozzle fits nicely to the capsule makes it easier to fill. I also want to know if you have any moringa tea recipe you can share? I love to drink tea every morning. My recipe is 1 teaspoon moringa powder, 1 teaspoon honey, lemon grass, and calamansi, which taste great!

    1: hang the leaves under the shade for a day. the following day, shake off the leaves, it will readily fall off

    2, place the shaken off leaves inside a paper bag and fold the top edge to keep off dust, (the amount of leaves inside the bag should not exceed half inch thick when you place the paper bag lying on its side for drying to expose more surface area for heat absorption)

    3, you can place the paper bag under the sun for just 3 hours and the leaves are crunchy and ready to be made into powder after air-drying for another 30minutes. (paper bag prevents exposure of leaves to direct sunlight and it readily absorbs moisture from the leaves while at the same time releases the moisture outside of the bag)

    4. i use the blender to make the dry leaves into powder. (NOT the bigger vessel of the blender but the smaller vessel used to process nuts and other dry food)

  64. Hi! I’m doing a thesis about drying Moringa leaves. Can you name other uses of these dried leaves? Thanks.

    • chad, please list first all that you have researched then i’ll see if i can still add a thing or two.

  65. hi.. im ms. racquel im high school teacher, and for the 2nd quarter we are going to bake malunggay cookies.. can you gave me recipe and technique on how to make it more delicious thnx.. :))

    • make it more delicious? just like the regular cookies made commercially? that would mean you would have to add more artificial flavorings, maybe? why don’t you add pandan syrup to make it smell better? i think the recipe is in this blog. I don’t think I can help much.

  66. thank you.. ms. :)) i hope dis recipe will success.. this is our first time to do it :)) 1tsp. of pandan syrup will do?? ms.. may after taste po ba ang malunggay cookies? ty 🙂

  67. Hi Cris!
    I only ant to ask if it is ok to drink the dried malunggay leaves even thought it is not well grained or powdered? its hard for me to do powdered it ^^

    • hi bebe:

      sorry for the late reply. maybe it’s ok if you’re not bothered by the unrefined leaves. but just a tip, press it hard on the stainless strainer and you will get the consistency that would be ok with you.

  68. Hi again Cris!
    It’s ok if i will put the boiled Malunggay into termous? And used it in a several days?

    • im not sure about it bebe. maybe as long as the thermos can still maintain the temperature. if its cold, it might get spoiled. hopefully, you use the boiled malunggay within two days.

  69. How many malunggay trees can you plant in one hectare? How how, more or less will one spend in planting malunggay in one (1) hectare kung ready for planting na yong area ( no need to clear of other trees or bushes) ? Mga how many kilo can one tree produce as dried leaves already ?

    Thank you in advance for your reply.

    • me nakita akong info ganyan dati sa net. i try ko hanapin uli pag may time ako then i post ko dito.

  70. Hai, i am a nigerian and i want to in into production of moringa powder. With that, I will like to know steps that it involves and how long will it take before moringa leaves detached from stem losses its nutrients? Hoping to hear from you soonest.

    • hi! i suggest have a batch of fresh malunggay be brought to the laboratory then after it has dried up, bring the batch to the laboratory again. that way, you’ll find how much nutrients were lost during the process

  71. Hi Cristina,
    Malungay is no longer new to me, it has been part of our meals since my younger years. now i’m already in my 40’s i becoming interested on it as business venture by planning to start a small farm, about a hectare as initial phase. can you help me with details and who are the concern gov’t agencies i can approach.. thanks and more power. noel

  72. hi , I’m Lean.. where can we sale dried moringa oleifere leaves? we are planing to make a business on malunggay because i am convince that this is a miracle tree and this is very good in our diet.

  73. Reblogged this on pure moringa by Baterna Farms and commented:
    Harvested & dried malunggay [by Cris on the sidelines]

  74. Hello Ms.Cris,finally sa dami po ng nabasa kong blog sa inyo po ako natuwa talaga..malunggay lover po kc talaga ako…thank you po sa pagpost ng about sa malunggay..follow ko na po everyday blog nyo…God bless po..

    • salamat!

  75. Hi where anyone selling malunngay cupcake? pls txt 0927-960-3102

  76. Hello =D Paano ba gumawa ng Cooking oil mula sa Malunggay seeds at paano kung hindi dried malunggay seed ang nkuha ko magawa pa po ba yung Cooking Oil?

    • actually di ko pa rin nasubukang gumawa ng malunggay oil. try mo kayang i gring ang mga fresh seeds then ilagay mo sa isang lalagyan para mag separate ang oil at pulp and water.

      pero kung cooking oil din lang ang gusto mo, masyadong mahal siguro ang malunggay oil para sa purpose na ito.

  77. Hi po! Balak po kasi namin gawing juice ung malunggay pero ung papakulua. Po namin. Tanong ko lang ko kung ilang days nagtatagal ang malunggay kapag gnwang juice? Ilang days po kapag nakalagay sa ref at kapag hnd naman. Thanks!

    • ang tagal bago ko nasagot ang comment mo. pasensya na. siguro by this time nakapag-experiment ka na at na observe mo kung ilang araw puede i-stock ang malunggay. kung fresh juice para s aakin, three days is the most. pagkagawa, inilalagay ko sa freezer sa ibat-ibang lalagyan para kung ano lang ang iinumin ko yun lang ang aking ilalabas.pero pag nag iba na ang kulay, (pag nag brown ng konti) di ko na iniinom.

      • salamat pa rin po sa pagsagot 🙂 ginagawa po kasi namin to as research. Tanong ko lang po kung ilanng baso po ang suggested serving in a day? kayo po ba, ilang baso po naiinom niyo sa isang araw? may mga effects po ba sa ineo kapag naparami? (sorry masyado pong maraming tanong)

  78. good day may nag oorder sa akin na 1,00kgs of fresh malunngay leaves daily can you give me a source and offer also a price to be delivered here in bulacan area thanks

    • I am sorry edward but i don’t know anyone in Luzon who can deliver the leaves.

    • mahirap i padala ang fresh leaves galing malayo madaling mabulok pag bulk at mabilis ang pag init ng dahon…

  79. how to dry malunggay leaves using oven and standard temperature.. ineed u reply as soon as possible..thank you

    • kimberly, you need to experiment, really. if you are to use a regular oven, i guess u need to open the oven’s door a little bit so air can pass through.
      if you have a big budget, though, you might opt to buy a convection oven. please search the web regarding the use of convection oven for malunggay drying

  80. drying directly under the sun is no good. . . . bakit po?

  81. meron po ba na malungay association wherein pede po kami mag join as supplirs or malunagy expowherein we can showcase our products thanks

    • joan,

      try mo sa mga expo. mabuting maka join ka maski isang expo para ma expose ang products mo. you might meet buyers, organizers etc.

  82. saan po nakakabenta ng maramihan ng dried malungay leaves? salamat po..

    • mike,
      maghanap ka ng malunggay products manufacturer sa malapit sa inyo. halimbawa gumagawa ng capsules, nagluluto ng tinapay at cakes. kung wala, ikaw ang magkumbinsi sa bakery na gumamit ng malunggay sa pamamagitan ng pagbibigay ng sample ng produkto mo. kung makita nila na maganda ang resulta, me buyer ka na.

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