Bahay Kubo

I intend to start my return to blogging with something reminiscent of the past.
We used to sing this folk song, entitled “Bahay Kubo” when we were in school. I sang this to my kids when
they were little and still sing it to my youngest son (who has special needs and 15 years old now), from time to time.
And the song goes like . . . .

Bahay, Kubo, (A small native house)

Kahit Munti (Even if it is small/tiny)

Ang Halaman Doon, Ay Sari sari ( There are plenty of plants)

Singkamas, at Talong (Jicama and Eggplant)

Sigarilyas at Mani (Wing Bean and Peanut)

Sitaw, Bataw, Patani (String Beans, Hyacint Bean, Lima Bean

Kundol, Patola (White Gourd Melon, Sponge Gourd)

Upo’t Kalabasa (Bottle Gourd/White Pumpkin)

At saka Meron Pa, (And there’s more)

Labanos, Mustasa (Radish, Mustard)

Sibuyas, Kamatis, (Onion, Tomato)

Bawang at Luya (Garlic and Ginger)

Sa Paligid ligid ay puno ng Linga (And everywhere you see plenty of Sesame plant)

I’ve eaten and planted most of these plants in my lifetime except for Sesame. I’ve never seen a single plant of Sesame ever. Nevertheless, since it is the last item, I still have plenty of time to research.

And this will be the direction of my blog now, I’ll tackle each of the Bahay Kubo vegetable based on their appearance in the song, but will still interact with all of those who wanted to ask questions about my previous posts.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to achieve this goal in spite of my limited abilities. I also welcome additional information from
those who happen to pass by my corner. Thank you.


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