Posted by: cris | May 14, 2009

Land Planarians – dugho in cebuano

I took this picture sometime ago but since I got very busy  it is only now that I can post the pics of land planarians.  These flatworms, I learned, are called dugho in cebuano.  My brother in law told me that they  are hiding a prick somewhere in their tail and when they find their victim, this prick will suddenly come out and shoot a venomous juice  to the victim’s flesh. That’s how they prey on innocent earthworms.

land planarians

land planarians


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  1. Hi Cristina,

    I am glad that I found your site and this article.

    I have recently found a few unusual flat worms in my bins. Since I was sure that they weren’t ANC, I immediately collected them in a clear plastic bottle and left the bottle under the sun.

    Thanks for your post, I now have a name for those unusual worms, land planarians.

    I wish you success with your vermiculture and other businesses.

    • thanks jon

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