Posted by: cris | July 8, 2008

Malunggay Cup cake

Dr. Vivencio Mamaril’s

Malunggay Cup Cake


3½ cupcake flour

½ tbsp. baking powder

½ tbsp. salt

½ bar butter

1 cup refined sugar

3 eggs

1 can condensed milk

3 tbsps. blended malunggay leaves

grated cheese (optional)


1. Sift flour and baking powder and

add salt together. Set aside.

2. Cream melted butter and sugar.

After the butter and sugar are mixed

together, add the eggs.

3. Mix condensed milk and blended

malunggay leaves.

4. Add the previously sifted flour,

baking powder and salt.

5. Pour mixture into paper cups

until three-fourths full.

6. Bake for 20-30 minutes at 370°F

or until golden brown.

NOTE: The recipe can yield 24


Note: Dr. Vivencio Mamaril is member of the
Bureau of Plant Industry Biotech Core Team.




  1. ay meron na!

  2. hello… me alam ka bang stores na specialty nila ang malunggay cake? 🙂 thanks!

  3. Joshmarie

    wala akong alam na gumagawa niyan. Pero I make some malunggay rich muffin from time to time as a way of promoting the miracle plant. I make them and give away free. Free taste. If you have a chance to pass by Cebu, email me ahead of time. I’ll bake and let you taste it. I always use virgin coconut oil for my baking.


    • Will you be willing to share your recipe? I may not be able to go to Cebu soon…at least not in the next few months. If the answer is yes, I will be grateful.

      • mam nala post dito sa blog ang recipe. pakihanap lang.

    • hello po ..pwede ko po bng gawing SIP ko po ang malunggay cupcake niyo po ?? 🙂

      • okidoki

  4. tnx 4 ur malunggay recipe.., naka2long poh ng alaki sa aming project,. tnx poh,,.

  5. jeanne

    ur welcome

  6. tnx 4 ur recipe it rely helps;;;;;;;,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, at kung ndi dahil sa recipe mo ndi aq mkksubmit ng projek at ndi rin makktake ng FINAL EXAM…………….. THANX A LOT/////………..

  7. ur welcome

  8. Im a student from UPLB majoring in Development Communication. We have used the malunggay plant, its uses, benefits and ways to make it “palatable” to the public as research in one of our subjects. Thanks for this recipe. I have never tasted this malunggay cupcake, but it sounds really good. More power to you maam!

  9. it really tastes yummy emeret. You should try it.

  10. hi..i am erika high school student from binangonan rizal…..i find your website…now we have S.I.P. i think malunggay is one good option because to now what is the purpose of malunggay?? but your some recipes like cupcake & malunggay pulvoron i don’t know how to do it…..

  11. thank u for ur malunggay cupcake recipe. I baked it today and it came out so well, btw, I added two cups of water. Next time I’ll try the malunggay polvoron…

  12. hi cris, can you send me a lot of moringa cupcake pictures… thanks a lot…

    • i’m afraid that’s all i have. my pc had a virus before and i had to reformat it. gone with the files are the pics.

  13. thanks for the recipe on malunggay cupcake. it helped us in our SIP

  14. we’re conducting aan SIP on malunggay cupcake with carrots. thanks for your recipes. maraqmi palang pwedeng gawin sa malunggay. thanks ulit.

  15. Interesting. May water ba yung blended malunggay leaves?

    • yes J. May water siya konti

  16. How much water po? What is the texture of the cake? I made a few but the crust turned out to be a little hard although the inside is soft. Thanks!

    • hi J, try and try again. kaya mo yan. pero para di ka masyado madisappoint try malunggay rich muffin. press the blended malunggay first para konti na lang ang juice. good luck

  17. ..hi po. if it’ll be used in an investigatory project(IP), my question is.. what’s the significance of the study? …hmmm, baka po magka misunderstand po tayo, hindi po ako na nginginsulto, paano po ba masasagot ang tanong na ito kung ito nga’y IP. salamat po.

    • depende yan sa yo christi. gaano ba ka significant ang reason mo for studying this matter. I kaw ang makakasagot nyan. Ano ba ang gusto mong malaman. At pag nalaman mo na ang sagot, paano yan makakatulong sayo, sa kapwa mo. dun mo makikita ang significance ng pinag-aaralan mo. good luck

  18. big can or small can of condensed milk po? 😀

    • before, there is only one size of condensed milk. the big one.

  19. i made some today po… they were good but mine lacked the ‘malunggay-y’ taste. 🙂 i don’t know… 😀

    • when it says 3 tbsp malunggay, yung blended na, at siksik sa tbsp. kulang pa siguro ang malunggay mo. try again

  20. hello po,

    i’d like to make malunggay cupcakes for my in-laws sana pero diabetic na yung mother-in-law ko. ano po ang pwede kong i-substitute for the condensed milk? for the sugar, i know i can use splenda kasi. also, can i mix some wheat flour dun sa cupcake flour?

    me recipes ka rin po ba ng malunggay bread?

    pasensya na po sa mga tanong and thanks for your help! =)

    • hi liz,

      if you want, instead of malunggay cupcake, you make malunggay puto na lang. steam mo na lang instead of baking. you substitute gata ng niyog for the condensed milk, with added sugar if you want. for sugar, you may use stevia or coconut sugar. coconut sugar is low in glycemic index. for other bread recipes, meron pa dito sa blog at pag nagka time ako, pipilitin ko maka post sa sunod.

  21. I am looking for an investigatory project that has not been conducted yet. I am a senior highschool student at Isabela National High School – (Cagayan valley) If i’ll be going to make malunggay cake, can I adopt your recipe? It’s very interesting. THANKS!

    • hi sam. ir’s not my recipe sam. it’s from dr. mamaril. yes you may use it as others have used it. good luck

  22. hi,: thank you so much 4 this article its really help us. for making our research proposal..

    • your welcome

  23. paano po ba gumawa ng malunggay puto? may recipe po ba kayo nyan? tenk u po..

    • meron pero to make it easy, just use a puto recipe and add 1tbsp of blended malungay ( o dinikdik) for very cup of flour.

  24. do you have recipe of malungay icecream may i have one?

    • i didnt actually had the time to do it. please search for an ice cream recipe and try to add blended malunggay leaves . good luck

  25. Hello po, We’re going to try squash malunggay cupcake. very good combination of a healthy treat.Tanung ko lang po, what do you mean po ba ng 3 tablespoons of malunggay? yung extract lang po ba or kasama yung blended leaves? Please reply po. God bless!

    • hi.

      blended na

  26. thx po sa mga recipe may gagawin na ako para sa cookfest sa school

  27. thanks for the recipe. we’ll definitely try this one. God bless! 🙂

    • you’re welcome

  28. san po merong malunggay recipe? pede po ba itong gawing malunggay cupcakes?

    • may recipe dito sa blog. pakihanap na lang.

  29. hi, i’ll try your recipe one of these days. puede rin kaya ito sa cheesecake? thanks.

    • puede rin siguro. try lang muna lagyan ng konti para di mabigla ang mga bata sa lasa. good luck!

    • puede rin siguro. try lang baka magustuhan mo rin. thanks

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