Posted by: cris | August 11, 2017

My house is forested

My house in the city is a forest.

The terrace has these vines my husband says snakes may hide. There are plastic water containers containing 2 to 3 diff plants, broken basins with camote (sweet potato) vines crawling along the metal wires where we dry our laundry. black plastic bags full with mother strawberry plants and runners, turmeric, calamansi, herbs etc.

Along the fence on the ground floor , on the left side are dragon fruits intercropped with calamansi and malunggay; in front along the gate, is a grape vine crawling along the wires we placed above the gate; and in water containers are sampaguita, camia, rosal, ilang ilang and palmera.

On the sidewalk of our neighbor who has not built his house yet, are containers, with gumamela, talisay, sampaloc, lemon grass, etc.

Along the perimeter fence of our subdivision, i have bamboo, 3 different types of bananas, chilis, pandan, orange palm, planted in used tires; pomelo, guyabano, lansones, etc in plastic containers. I have been living a life of a squatter gardener for 19 yrs now in the city. I hope i can move them all to the farm soon.


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