Posted by: cris | February 15, 2009

My emerging business – vermicomposting

Since I joined the USC Kapamilya Negosyo na, i

have improved my vermicomposting hobby and is now an emerging business.

At the beginning of 2009, I already have

6 vermi beds. here are some pictures we have taken.

dsc05201 dsc05214

me standing on the blocks. the worms african night crawlers

dsc05168 dsc05170

I have to screen the bins to protect them from toads and moles

dsc05182 dsc05185

harvesting the vermicasts


aerating the worm food



  1. Hello, I live in BC Canada, and wanted to thank you for the information you posted for vermicomposting. Have built my own indoor bin and will be picking up my first brood of woms in two weeks. Where are you on this big planet? bye bye, Ellen

  2. Hi Ellen,

    thank you for dropping by my corner. I live in the suburbs of Cebu City, Philippines. I hope you will update me on the status of your vermi bin next time. My email is


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