Posted by: cris | March 22, 2015


It’s about time to make a come back and  I’m starting off with Turmeric.  A super food for me, I have been using turmeric for so long. I grow them and use for anything I can dunk then in.


Turmeric, Luyang dilaw, Dulaw, Duwaw, Kunyit (in Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei) is a relative of the ginger we use in our cooking.  It is the main ingredient of curry powder. It’s color is dark yellow or orange. It is used to dye textiles, an ingredient in food and medicine. It is a good source of phosphorous and iron but not of calcium ( It has anti-inflammatory properties, good for diabetics, for people with high blood pressure and those with weak liver. It has anti cancer properties and might help people with gastrointestinal ulcer. Chinese and Indian healers have been using Turmeric for a long time because of its medicinal use.  Curcumin  is the yellow pigment in turmeric and the active anti-inflammatory agent in turmeric.

I boil turmeric everyday mixed with some ginger and drink about two glasses daily. I add it together with ginger to chicken soup, meat stew, fish stew, vegetables cooked in coconut milk and even congee (lugaw). In the next post I will show how to make turmeric powder.


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