Posted by: cris | November 24, 2012

On my return

It’s been more than two years since my last personal post. Sorry folks. I’ll start my comeback with pictures from the farm.

We built a bigger bahay kubo in 2010

We had yellow corn in 2010

Our dwarf coconuts has increased its fruits by may 2011

which increased as the days passed

We planted more dwarf coconuts

By 2012, we started to receive orders for dwarf coconut planting materials because fruit production has increased

While the old coconuts continued to provide fruits for copra processing

As of Nov 2012, the price of copra is very low around P14/kilo. Hopefully the buying rate will increase soon.

sales from dwarf coconut seednuts helped us in maintaining the farm.

Local orders are basically grown seednuts

But for outside Cebu orders, we ship just seednuts to prevent damage during shipment.



  1. i am interested in buying your dwarf coconut seednuts. im also living in cebu city.whats the process?

    • hi Ms. Lillian.

      You may contact us through 09275526284. We have available seednuts.



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