Posted by: cris | May 4, 2010

Why do I need a custom wordpress theme for my blog?

I am new in the blogging community.  Just writing about anything that comes to my mind that I believe is worth sharing with other people.  Now, because I am new, I am not blog themes savvy.  Although wordpress just lets me choose a theme and I can change it anytime, I am still clueless on what is the best theme for my blog.

Now, that I have started a small business selling Malunggay powder, sukang tuba, banana chips etc., plus, and wanted to sell other items, I need to have my own blog personality.  Something that anybody who sees the theme will associate it with my products and the things that I write about.

But since I would have a personality in the world of blogging, I would have to focus on my most blogged topics.  This will help my blog be remembered easily by those who find it.  Focus will make my blog a good source of information for my audience.

A new skin, a new theme will make my blog pleasing to the eyes and to the mind of my readers.  In the end I’d be able to present my products well, too.  That way, anybody who happens to drop by my place in the net will be satisfied, whether buyer or researcher.

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  1. This is indeed a very informative blog and I am very happy to be the part of this site.

    Also, I like your advacy of moringa oleifera. I my self talks about this. Its so rich in vitamins and highly recommended in terms herbs med.

    By the way, Cris! Are you coming to Cebu Blog Camp? If yes, see you then…


  2. Fascinating write-up. Many thanks for posting

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