Posted by: cris | March 18, 2010

painful menstruation and malunggay tea

When I was younger, I suffer from mentrual cramps at times.  But generally there’s none, especially if I getphysically active during the week before my monthly period. However, as I get older, things got worse..

For about two years now, I am experiencing bad cramps during my periods.  I get sick, with low fever, and my life stops because I prefer to stay on my bed.  Based on my observations coffee (caffeine),  oils, acidic foods, soy based foods, and oily foods trigger my suffering.  Bleeding has become excessive also.  excessive because sometimes I had my period for ten days.

But since taking into this malunggay advocacy, i have discovered relief. I have found out that drinking malunggay tea helps me deal with my painful cramps during my monthly periods. Bleeding is reasonable, because I am back to my younger days schedule of 3 to 5 days of mentrual period.

here’s what I do.

Boil 2 liters of water

When it boils add a tablespoon of malunggay powder or crushed dried malunggay leaves. remove from fire.  seep for ten minutes (covered)

Drink this all day.

This recipe helps me to pass gas also.  I have limited bloating feeling and relatively easy monthly period.



  1. for fainful cramps, malungay tea is effective. i have experience,

    • salamat rene for sharing additional info

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