Posted by: cris | October 14, 2009

Malunggay Capsule Procedure – Bureau of Plants

Malunggay Capsule Procedure
To make food supplement in form of a capsule, powder the roasted malunggay leaves by using a kitchen food processor or blender.

Empty capsules can be bought from drug stores.

Fill-in the empty capsules manually with the powdered leaves.

If  mass production is desired, a capsuling machine can be used. It is recommended that in manual procedure, our hands should be sanitized with alcohol.

Place the filled-in capsules in amber bottles or any appropriate container.

Small transparent plastic bags can also be used as packaging materials for the malunggay capsule.
The finished product should be stored in a dry place or in a refrigerator, just ensure that your product is kept dried.

These malunggay capsules are now ready to be
taken orally as a natural food supplement.

source:  Bureau of Plants and Industry



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