Posted by: cris | May 14, 2009

My new vermi bed may 14, 2009

My husband prepared a new worm bed for my african night crawlers.  It is not fancy just enough for them so that land planarians or flat worms won’t feast on them again.  Anyway, here is the new worm bed.

The new worm bed is located at the end of the lot.  We took advantage of the concrete wall and used it as one side of the bed.


There are 3 sections in this one bed.  One section for used up compost, one ready to eat and one are for newly prepared worm food.


on the left is the new worm food, middle is the ready to eat worm food, and the right side (farthest) is the worms are eating right now.


this is the front view.  Notice that there are leftover burned materials on the ground.  We regularly do smudging in this area for our two mango trees we have in this area.

As soon as  the deepwell  is done and there really is a good source of water, we will start building worm beds on the   farm….  JC Farms is located in Sitio Upper Bae, Bgy. Bae, Sibonga, Cebu.

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  1. My sister in law in Iloilo City is interested to buy some worms (ANC) say one kilo. Is it possible for you to ship it to Iloilo City via LBC? …I am in Cebu City and my landline is (032)-41677-31. Pls give the estimated cost and I will pay it here… Like you her hobby is gardening ; but its mostly ornamental plants…thanks

  2. Sir Bert,

    I haven’t check the rates yet, but I am also suggesting that if Talisay, Negros is near her place, she can source the worms from Buro-buro vermi farm. It is owned by Pam and Butchoy Henares. Mam Pam was the one who helped me start this hobby years ago. their farm is located in Sitio Balogo, Brgy. Concepcion, Talisay City in Negros. I haven’t been there.

    If the worms will come from Cebu, my concern is that when worms are exposed to extreme heat, especially when they have to be packed in a box, some may die. If Buro buro is near her place, then I think it’s best for her to buy it from there. I don’t want to take your order but risk the quality of the worms that will arrive in Iloilo. Pam Henares’ cell number is 0917 3015250

    If there is anything I could help you with, please don’t hesitate to email me.


  3. hello cris,

    i am interested in this vermiculture so can you please give me idea or procedure with regards on there any book or softcopy that can be bought from you or from other source?

    thank you,


    • joelito,i have another blog check it out and leave a message on this blog. I’ve decided to maintain just this blog because i’m very busy nowadays. thanks

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