Posted by: cris | May 14, 2009

malunggay (moringa) Tea/ Moringa powder may 14, 2009 post

Here are some pictures of how to make  Malunggay tea and powder.

air drying of moringa leaves.

air drying of moringa leaves.

Malunggay air drying.  This is how I air dry my malunggay.  Complete with stalks and placed inside a net bag, hanging in a clothesline at the terrace of our house.


moringa leaves removed from stalks, ready for grinding

After air drying, I remove the leaves from the stalks and prepare it for grinding.

grinding moringa.

grinding moringa.

I use a blender to grind my moringa leaves.  You may grind it for a few seconds to make tea, and you make grind it some more to make moringa powder.

crushed moringa leaves for tea.

crushed moringa leaves for tea.

This is moringa crushed in a blender.  Pour hot water on a teaspoon of this and you may either strain the solids or you may opt to drink all.  Anyway the leaves and tiny stalks will serve as fiber for good digestion.

powdered moringa (malunggay) not very fine though.

powdered moringa (malunggay)

If you want to add the moringa powder to your everyday dishes  then the powder form is better since kids will not see the leaves, but still benefit from the nutrients of moringa.

moringa tea with leaves and tiny stalks.

moringa tea with leaves and tiny stalks.

I love to drink moringa tea including the leaves and  tiny stalks for fiber.

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  1. thank you very much! I am aware of malunggay powder but I do not know how to do it. and now because of you… i learned how it is being done! this makes a lot of help for our ward activity. thank you! and god bless!!!

  2. i want to know more on how you make the moringa powder.did you put water with the moringa when you grind it?

  3. gem

    your welcome!


  4. Hi!how long do you air dry the malunggay leaves pls?

  5. hi edith,

    it really depends on the weather. it ranges from one day to 5 days. practice really makes it perfect.
    good luck.


  6. Mam,

    Im taking up my masters at the UST, and we have this business proposal as one of my requirements for my subject in Philosophy of Business. I like your creativity of products from the malunggay. Indeed, your product has a social impact to our country. Mam, can you help us present this to our class specifically the promotion of malunngay to fight the poverty and malnutrition in our country?

    Thank you very much. Hoping for your kind consideration and i really appreciate for any feedbacks from you.


  7. Joanna,

    the websites of and will help you a lot. just inform me if you need to use any of my posts here. UST is also my alma mater.

    good luck.


  8. hi maam,

    have a gud day maam!im very interested about malunggay polvoron bec my feasebility its all about malunggay polvoron,how many month puh ba bago masira ang malunggay polvoron?thx a lot..

  9. hi rea

    di ko pa na test how long talaga. basta when I make polvoron I make sure it’s off the shelf after a week. The longest i kept them is ten days.

    good luck


  10. one of your interesting articles on malunggay caught my attention which is the malunggay powder. how long does it take for the leaves to be thoroughly dried? also do you a recipe for making malunggay flour? thanks and more power.

  11. To make malunggay powder, I detach them from the stem, dry them on a bilao for 3 days, heat on low fire for 3 minutes to sanitize then crush them through a strainer. Is it alright even if I do not wash them with water?

  12. I guess we really should wash it with water because there are dust particles that will stick on the leaves even if we live in the suburbs. You may wash with running tap water or filtered water. good luck!


  13. does your malunggay leaves get crispy/crunchy texture after several days of air-drying?

    i tried oven drying and it went out nice as well. the temp is only set at 50 deg C but it took me almost an hour to dry one (1) cup full (siksik) of leaves that yields 6 tablespoons powder. the dried leaves retained its natural color and i did not use blender/grinder anymore bec you can actually crush it by hands. the downside, malakas sa kuryente/lpg but you will have a malunggay powder in a very short time.

    i haven’t tried air-drying so far but i will try your method soon bec it is more economical and ideal especially if you are living in the province like me where air is not (as) polluted compared to the cities .


  14. bellybites,

    hi. thanks for sharing with us your experience.
    if I extend my air drying time, the leaves get darker and not crunchier.

    I used to oven dry my leaves but I think it is better to air dry to save on lpg. Air drying is better for me because we live in the suburbs.


  15. hi cris,
    so u achieved a crunchy texture in say about 3 to 5 days?

    when you grind the leaves, tuyong-tuyo na ba? and if you grind it, hindi na siya nagtutubig?


  16. belly bites,

    actually, when you air dry, the leaves don’t get crunchy as when you oven dry it. pan roasting will also make the leaves crunchier and easy to crush with the use of hands.

    if you air dry, wala naman siyang tubig. Another way of air drying is placing them in a bilao. Pero dapat leaves na lang. 1 day or two days of air drying, depending on the weather is ok.

    Hope to hear from you again.


  17. thanks for your tips cris. this would be of great help.

  18. mam,
    i just want to ask f wer can we buy the malunggay powder,am here in bicol..and i nid that powder very badly bcoz it is the essential ingredient for our malunnggay cake.pls help us.thank’z

    • grace,

      I don’t know where you can find it in bicol. but you may try calling your local DOST, DTI and BFAD and ask them if they know anybody in your area making malunggay powder. If you can’t find one, then, try making your own. It may be time consuming but you will save a lot of money, and and help us in our advocacy for malunggay. Good luck.


    • hi grace

      please visit they are based in bicol.

      good luck


  19. heloo..

    I am really inspired of your advocacy in spreading the goodness of malunggay.
    Keep it up!!!!!!

    God bless you always.


  20. thanks tess


  21. Hi Cris,

    One step to have a moringa powder is to pan roast the air/shadow dried leaves…just 2-3 minutes, on a very low fire to remove the water content…

    I am also a malunggay advocator. May this food supplement help our countrymen.

    Goodluck, thank you

    • good luck to you also loida. thanks


  22. ty po dito..
    sa wakas may project na kami…
    anu pong lasa??
    ty po uli…

    • just try it. first hand information is very good.

      • hi cris anong lasa nang moringa tea? maanghang ba or bitter? at yung moringa powder mo ba ay ready for tea kasi im a tea drinker. thanks

        god blees u

  23. jerome, ready for tea na siya. me konti siyang anghang pero hindi mapait. some of my regulars use it to add to baby food like cerelac and lugaw. another one mixes it with his carrot juice. most just add it to hot water, seep for a while and then voila, moringa tea.

    Gob Bless u, too.


  24. hi cris,

    magkano kaya ang price ng moringa powder?



  25. cristina’s malunggay leaf powder is sold at P20.00/pack of 20g. If you want to produce it, the price will depend on your production costs.

    We get our malunggay from mountain baranggays. away from the polluted air space of the city.

    • where is your leaf powder available? i live here near caloocan and quezon city!

  26. Hi!! this is very good information for malunggay!! but im having trouble estimating how much (KG) of leaf do i need to make (1KG) of malunggay powder?? or what is the water content of the leaf??

    • Paolo, you have to really do it to know. Results vary and that means I can’t give you exact figures. It’s good to keep records to have historical data from where you can base your future decisions. Good Luck!

  27. hi cris, my name is teddy….im here in states but im from butuan city…i read some article about moringa/malungay tea leave from asianjournal newpapers…co’z im looking for some altenative medicine for my ulcerative colitis..which i found in that articles…my question is where can i get it here in states..los angeles cerritos califonia….and just in case if i want to order it from u in cebu…the p20.00
    per pack is it a per tea bag or box?

    • teddy it’s a per pack rate. its 20g in powdered form not in tea bag. You may check with asian/filipino store in your area. But my unsolicited advise is for you to use fresh leaves, you blend it, strain and drink the juice. There might be stores in your area where you can buy fresh leaves. please try and then let me know the result.

    • teddy, please check your email, i sent you one

  28. hi cris, im louie from davao. ive tried malunggay, pepino, honey and apple cider vinegar: blenderize it and chill. taste is really nice! but my question is that, are dried leaves much better than the fresh ones? because i saw in one of your posts that dried leaves have larger amount of vitamins and minerals than the fresh ones. 😀

    • louie

      that’s based on studies. However, other parts of malunggay like roots, bark have also other important use. Also, fresh malunggay juice is best for digestive system problems. basically, it really depends on your needs/requirements. please check out also website for more info.

    • that’s based on studies louie. please check out and for additional info

  29. okay,i’ll try look for it….

  30. MA’am kapag natuyo na po ba ang leaves ng moringa ay ganun pa rin ba ang nutrients contents nya compare sa fresh leaves tnx.

    • mas mataas ang nutrients except for vitamin c. pakihanap ang post ko dito sa blog ko tungkol sa nutrient contents of dry and fresh moringa leaves

  31. Tnx a lot ma’am at nakita ko na po sa blog nyo ng october 2009 ang differences between fresh and dried leaves at talaga po palang mataas ang mga nutirents contents and i think ito na lang ang gagawin kong natural vitamins mas cheap kaysa sa binibili kong multivitamins in capsule Over The Counter tnx po at maganda po ang website nyo GOD bless

  32. Good day po again ma’am, i forgot to ask how many grams of dried moringa powder should i taken specifically to attain those nutrients contents capacity shown in your blog is it the more the better what is the ideal dosage to be taken daily? tnx po

    • romulo,

      i say, a teaspoon a day is already good. just maintain it. good luck

  33. hai ate cris i’m jeanette 16 yrs old i’m about to graduate in highschool this year… before i found this site i was in hurry looking for a science investigatory project that i suppose to induce in the class on manday. . thanks to you ate cris i found the best s.i.p project for this year. . i know your a good one because you gave time for your viewer to reply from there question enx te. . i’m out of time to make this in air drying i will just use an oven to fasten my work . . your my savior ate cris, i’ll introduce you and your product to the class..

    enx so the way i’m from cebu

    • thanks jeanette

  34. hi ate cris! ang ganda naman nitong site mo. Very beneficial lalo na sa mga mother na katulad ko. Please continue doing so and God will blessed you for this. Instead of selling your malungay powder, you advised your reader to make their own, you’re one of a kind. Hope you continue this advocacy and we will support you through prayers and our own advocacy here in our place. And hope you will feature more natural powerful food that is abundant in our country. Always take care and God Bless You!!!

    • che,

      thank you for your kind words. actually, nag bebenta na rin ako ng malunggay powder kasi me mga tao na di rin naman nila kaya gumawa dahil sa ibat-ibang kadahilanan. yun na rin yung pagtulong ko sa kanila. Pero konti lang din ang production ko kasi, labor intensive nga itong pag gawa nito, bukod pa sa el nino tayo ngayon na nakapa konti sa supply ng dahon. marami pa sana akong plano at if God is willing, I’d ber able to help more people. God Bless you.

      • Hi Cristina, Been reading through the comments, vey informatiive…how much po do you sell moringa powder? Saan po bah location ninyo for pick up. I’m thinking about converting my 5 hec farmland into a moringa farm kung maganda ang market. may idea ka bah kung saan makakabili ng binhi ng moringa for planting? God bless!

      • hi rj.

        It’s p1.00 per gram. cebu city

  35. ate cristina, same procedure rin kaya sa pagpapatuyo or pagdry ng saluyot? help naman po, tnx

    • puede siguro renee. try lang

  36. hi Cris. I’m so happy i happen to visit ur blog. actually. i’m a malunggay lover, but i just cooked it as plain gulay. hinihimay un leaves, den add water & a little salt & garlic. ganun lang. But i feel extra energy bastat nakakakain ako & i believe, it’s also a good source of anti oxidant. sobrang busy lang kaya kahit gusto ko magresearch about it, di ko nagagawa. tnx God , eto na un time..kasi noon ko pa talaga gusto malaman how to make a powdered malunggay. tnx be to God & tnx to you too. very applicable kasi nandito lang ako sa province & may ilang puno na rin kmi ng malunggay sa backyard. i admire you for sharing it to everyone. May God bless you always.

  37. thanks lucille. God bless you, too.

  38. hi cris, great site, power!

    • thanks juve

  39. Where in Cebu can one go to buy your malunggay powder?
    Thanks for the response.

    • hi remy. you may drop by Parkmall mandaue, second floor. Unit G-1 The plaza. thanks

  40. good day to you madam!

    very informative site. anyways, madam kung bibili po ako ng power malunggay magkano po yung freight dito sa manila?

    interesado po akong bumili mahirap po kasi dito yung puno ng malunggay plus dito polluted na. kung sa inyo bibili, as you mentionded, sa mountain baranggays at least di pa polluted.

    your reply is highly appreciated.

    • hi leslie

      mag email ako sa yo paki check na lang. salamat

  41. I used to boil fresh malungay leaves with its stem and drink the boiled water as my everyday water. How much amount of boiled maluggay should I drink everyday. Do I still get nutrients from drinking the fresh boiled malungay?

    • hi maribel

      some people do that instead of drinking just plain water. as far as i know you still get nutrients from it. However, as to how quantity, maybe you should also drink plain water daily aside from the malunggay juice. sometimes anything good can get bad if it is too much

  42. good day cris! thanks for sharing your advocacy… Its really of great benefit for me. I have been taking malunggay tea for over 2 months now and the result is really amazing my hemoglobin was 108 and it has improved significantly now its in the normal level thanks for opening my mind to many benefits of moringa. God bless you and more power…

    • hi jake

      i have one entry on this blog about vco making. please search on it. we have been making vco for personal use since 2005 and yesterday, we made another batch. the next time we do it, i will take pictures and post here. thanks

    • thanks jake. God Bless you too

  43. Hi Ma’am Cris,

    My komare requested me about his son’s thesis on malunggay tea. Thanks God coz i browsed this website of yours. Can i ask favor regarding this matter, the feasibility study, the total cost of materials and other expenses before a malunggay can be called as malungay tea.

    I hope for your kind support. Thank you in advance.


    • hi lolit, i don’t really know the cost of materials in your area. The researchers must find it for themselves. They need a grinder (a blender with dry mill will do), stainless basins, sieve (find a stainless sieve with the smallest holes) a plastic sealer, and tea bags if they want to put it in tea bags. Please ask them to visit the local dost to ask for additional info before pushing through with the proposal. good luck

  44. hi cristina. we are medical students in baguio city and we want to initiate a feeding program involving malunggay fortified rice to growth stunted kids. i wonder if you have any information regarding the amount of powder they mix in the rice pudding. thanks!

    • please check the site of they have programs like this in africa. Good luck to your very noble project. Please share with us the result of your project later on.

  45. is there any limitation of dosage taking of malunggay per day?

    • yes there is ahmad. all green vegetables contain oxalic acid and too much oxalate is bad for the body especially the kidneys

  46. when was malunggay is uses in many ways.?

  47. where i can buy a capsules for my moringa powder. Thanks

    • sa mercury drug store meron nabibili. tanong k dun

  48. […] malunggay (moringa) Tea/ Moringa powder May 200973 comments 5 […]

  49. Hi Cris,

    I read that freeze drying is better for malunggay or moringa leaves to make tea. According to the article, the malunggay losses its nutrients after 6 hours. I tried this method, then grind it using coffee grinder. I mixed it with peppermint leaves to gve it a sweeter taste.

  50. ask ko lang kahit po ba hindi pa sobrang brown (tuyo) yung leaves pwede ko na syang i powder? my leaves were air dried since last friday po (feb. 11) up to now hindi ko pa ginagawang powder kasi iniintay ko pang maging sobrang brown. though medyo crunchy na sya ng konti. thanks po

    • hi ghen,

      actually yung malunggay pag na dry na dapat e green pa rin. medyo madami na rin akong nagawang malunggay powder at dahil doon na improve ko na ang trabaho. dapat green pa rin pagkatapos ng drying.

      mag po-post ako ng pics sa sunod. medyo na busy na kasi ang buhay buhay kaya wala na kong bagong posts. this march i will post news ones. thanks ghen

  51. How about ampalaya, saluyot, tanglad leaves, can we apply the same process? Thanks

    • marvin,

      sa tanglad na try ko na pero di ko siya ma powder kasi, sobrang talas ng dahon. maski ginupit ko na ng maliliit, di kaya ng blender. dapat, grinder talaga gamitin mo. pero okay naman siya na i boil mo, after drying kasi ganun pa rin ang lasa at amoy. actually, mas gusto ko pa nga yung dried tanglad kesa sa fresh. mas aromatic siya at masarap ilagay sa pampaligong tubig.

      sa ampalaya at saluyot, puede siguro. mahirap yung mga dahon na yan dito sa cebu at wala akong tanim kaya di ko pa na ta try.

  52. Hi.
    Nag try din ako ng garden fresh salad. A mixture of fresh malunggay leaves, some generous quantity of camote tops (talbos ng camote) plus some fresh kangkong leaves then garnish it with few slices of cucumber and red tomatoes, tapos nag gawa ako ng thousand island dressing(equal parts of mayonnaise and ketchup at eto na ang lunch ko. Super ang result at uulitin ko pa ito for next days with few variations but the main ingredient will be the malunggay, obviously.

    Salamat ng marami

    • salamat din sa idea sonny. gagawin ko yan.

      • hi mam cris,
        thank you sa mga idea mo about malunggay tea
        Pwede ko bang ihalo sa polvoron ang powder na malunggay?

      • salamat. powder na malunggay ang inihahalo ko sa polvoron.

  53. I love this plant!

    • thanks

  54. Hi pretty, I’m Pepe from Venezuela, and I would like to know what is tha price in dollars or euros of 100 gr. of 100% Moringa leaf powder. Please let me know as soon as possible.

    • i am no longer making malunggay powder. i hope to be able to produce them sometime in the future together with vco and other coconut products

  55. hi maam cris…i’m cebuana but i’m in brunei…..i really love and very thankful to know about this malunngay tea. do you have any idea where to buy empty teabags or empty capsules in cebu city?….how long is the storage life duration of the tea or capsule?..thank you

    • empty tea bags, I don’t know where to buy it if in cebu but definitely there are sources in Manila, I just don’t know where (hehehe).

      As to capsule gels, you may buy from mercury drug, there are different sizes. as to capsule filler, if it is just for personal use, just do it manually.

  56. Hi Cris, i’m from Cebu. curious lang ako sa life span ng moringa powder, since nagkagastristis ako at mahal ang gamot, nagswitch po ako sa fresh malunggay to save money and been using it for almost 3 years na, kaso I’m living in the City mahirap makakuha ng fresh leaves from the tree mismo, so i wanna try this powder to solve my problem. By the way if you have any idea where to buy empty capsule coz i’m planning to make my own moringa capsule. Pls reply to my email. Thanks. God bless you! Susy.

    • hi Susy,

      Please check with any Mercury Drug store they used to sell gel capsules before.

  57. Hi Mam Chris,

    Do you have an idea on how to register the malunggay powder in FDA?


    • You have to go to their office to get a list of requirements for registration.

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