Posted by: cris | May 14, 2009

Garlic powder on lugaw may 14, 2009

Since I grew up in Quezon City, a regular breakfast or snack you can find is lugaw (porridge, congee).  There are many kinds of it.  There is pure lugaw (rice only), arrozcaldo, goto, isaw (i miss this very much), lugaw with hibe and kasubha, and maybe there are others I don’t know.

There was a time I found goto (ox tripe)   at Parkmall, Cebu so I bought half a kilo and boiled it.  Then I scraped the fats on the goto and cut them into smaller bits.  Saved the broth for the lugaw.


Sauted ginger, garlic, onion,  and then the goto.  Mix the washed sticky rice (1/2 kilo). Add the goto broth and keep mixing.  When the rice is right for lugaw, add salt.  No msg.


But the goto (lugaw) looks so sad, so I added garlic powder, spring onions and kalamansi.  And dyarannnnnn.


Looks so yummy.  (And it really tastes yummy).

So how I made the garlic powder?

I peeled garlic, sliced thinly, dry under the sun, fried and pound..  Voila, I have my garlic powder.



Go on, try it.  For me, this is a comfort food.  Brings memories of my childhood.


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