Posted by: cris | April 15, 2009

What kept me busy these past few days

Since my last post about my  vermicomposting business  I got busy with planning again how to revive it.  I am not giving up.  I actually finished the processing of my business license.  I alreadyreceived my business license and I am now legally into the business.

I am not really worrying since as I am now in the process of  of starting over again, I can still sell vermicompost on a retail basis since I have accumulated five drums of stocks before the shock.  In reality, my stocks of one kilo vermicompost is almost depleted, so I will start packing again this afternoon.  I have also started to increase the population of my  african nightcrawlers so as to start vermicomposting again.  I did not stop preparing compost though as food for my worms.

Our group, supported by USC kapamilya Negosyo Na are still selling our items at Cebu Parkmall.  I am selling my vermicompost there and my Special Naturally Fermented Coconut Vinegar in addition to my new products toasted garlic and hot chili chips/powder.

Yes, my friends were wondering why I am not posting anything yet.  In addition to my processing my business license and  raising african nightcrawlers and developing these new products,   I was also busy with other projects.  Before the Palm Sunday. I prepared my palms and prepared videos in how to make a palaspas.I will post it sometime later.  I am also busy preparing my product brochure, developing my label and doing a zillion things for my family and myself.

I am not closing this blog  this is a part of me.  It just so happened that I feel there are other things that needs my attention. I just took a sabattical.

Also,  I haven’t posted Fr. Nick’s gospel reflections for a while since his gospel reflections is now being printed in Manila Bulletin, a national daily newspaper.  I still have to ask permisson from him.

Well, that’s all for now, got to go and prepare food .  I need to bring my youngest son to school since I need to park my pick up where it is most convenient to sell our banana harvest.

You see, I also sell bananas once a week to make sure we get a better price for  our banana harvest. We also sell coconuts at home.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to  to have more time  to blog after my second son’s graduation from Maria Montessori International School this Sat, April 18, 2009.  He is graduating with honors.



  1. Hello po, I’m Fr. June ranera, assigned in Bolinao pangasinan. Im starting my vermicomposting. I would like to ask how much you sell the vermin and vermincast, thanks and more power to your advocacy… this blog is very informative. Congratulations hope we can colaborate together to help my parishioners in Zaragoza, Bolinao Pangasinan earn a living

  2. Fr June:

    Gud pm po. Here in Cebu, the ongoing rate for composting worms is P500 per kilo. Vermicast is P1000.

    Opo payag ako makatulong maski sa anong paraan yun nga lang ay masyadong malayo ako dahil dito na ko nakatira sa Cebu. Kung sakaling makabyahe ako sa bandang Pangasinan, ipapaalam ko sa inyo Fr. June before ako bumisita.

    God Bless.


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