Posted by: cris | March 27, 2009

My vermicomposting business – will emerge again

After thinking things over and over again, about my failure to keep all those african nightcrawlers (composting worms) that I lost because of one thing or another, now, I believe I got over it.

I’ve made my decision to start again from whatever I have right now and go on with my business. My vermicomposting business. This is not just money matters. I’m not even thinking of it when I planned this business. This is what I want to do.  And do this I must.  My soul is tied to mother earth and I must be able to help her in whatever way I can.  Toil the soil with my hands is my destiny.  Fulfilling this great plan for me by the Almighty is what I need to do (aside, of course,  from taking care of my children).

I am just a passerby in this world, living in a borrowed time, borrowed resources from my children and my children’s children. I am not aiming to be perfect but this little thing that I can do, feeding the soil with organic food, I am not only helping myself but I am showing my gratefulness to all people in the future, for letting me borrow a resource which is not rightfully mine.

No more sadness over mistakes I make every step of the way. I have to move on and do a small thing at a time. Do small, simple acts that will make me happy and contented in this very complicated world.


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