Posted by: cris | February 24, 2009

Finding angels in your life

I almost did not sleep last night.  We had to go to the hospital because my mother who is on vacation here in Cebu had a cut on her forehead because she protected my youngest son from hitting his head on the floor.

My son who’s now 11 years old has global developmental delay.  He lacks balance and walks with minimal assistance.  Last night after dinner, he was kissing and hugging my mother.  Then suddenly I heard my eldest daughter shout, “Mama, si Lola”.  There on the floor near the stair I saw Nanay face down.  I helped her then I saw blood dripping from her hand which covers her forehead.

Blood, plenty of blood.  She had a cut about 1 to 1 2/2  and oozing with blood.  My immediate reaction is to askher to sit on the couch and shout for “VCO” .  We applied VCO on the wound and aftera minute or two, blood stopped.  I checked on my youngest son and the ate and kuya said he’s okay, nothing to worry about.  However, due to the commotion and the urgency and the worried voices, he was also afraid.  I asked his kuya to bring him upstairs

Then suddenly, the wound started to bleed again.  I was perplexed.  Based on our experience when we apply VCO, bleeding stops.  So I s said we had to go to the hospital.  So I got some cotton to cover her wound and wrap a big hanky to keep the cotton in place.  I went upstairs, grabbed the the big native bag (made of buli)  we just bought yesterday afternoon  and stuffed it with her clothes asked my husband to bring some money and then drove to the hospital which is just about 3-5 minutes away from our house.

In the hospital, the doctor on duty ordered to have her wound clened then put a gauze and elastic bandage.  She ordered ECG, blood pressure check up, blood sugar test and other blood samples for another test.  She had head xray and a few minutes the surgeon arrived.

Her wound is now swolen .  when the doctor administered anesthesia, blood came out again then he started to “sew” the wound.  I admired my mother so much during that time.  Because she showed great courage in the face of  what is happening to her.  At age 70, all she wanted is to protect kitkit from harm.  She said all she is thinking is to protect kitkit.  She did not show remorse for going through the pain and hardship and instead was very thankful that it was not kitkit who is suffering in the hospital.

She said, what if it is kitkit who needs to go through xray, surgery and all that.  He would have to be administered general  anesthesia and we don’t know the repercussions.  We were discharged from the hospital at noon today but she still keeps the bandage on.  She had s pains on other parts of her body but was so prayerful and calm.  I admire my mother’s grace.

I am just wandering why the wound bled again.  The doctor gave me an explanation.  It was the aspirin that my mother has been taking for  without a doctor’s advise.  She was taking it because my auntie and her friends were taking it also. Ahhhhh.  Talking about self medication.  Although I also do this often times, I use natural plant nature’s gifts.  Anyway, it’s over, and the doctor advised her to stop for the moment.

Now, Nanay will stay home to recuperate.  I hope I will be able to take care of her really good.  Considering she is an angel in disguise.


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