Posted by: cris | December 3, 2008

Blood Letting

Every three months DYAB 1512 spearheads a campaign to augment the blood supply of different organizations which helps needy patients. These are the Red Cross, Regional Disaster Coordinating Council, etc. It’s an event which many people here in Cebu support.

My last blood donation to the Red Cross was Oct 2006. It took me a long time to go since one of the requirements of a female blood donee is menstrual period must be two weeks before and after the scheduled blood donation.

Finally, last November 22, 2008 was a perfect time.  I’ve done the usual preps and thought I was ready. My period has passed (two weeks) and I really need to do this.  Or, shall I say, I’m aching to make my donation. I’ve waited for two years for this special time to arrive but alas, I was disappointed. The young man who screened me told me that my hemoglobin was low.  He pricked a finger and held my finger above a glass with colored liquid. A drop of my blood finally fell in to the liquid and he said, I can’t donate this time because of low hemoglobin.

I was sad but was also happy to learn of my situation.  Now, I realize I need to go to my doctor and get her opinion.  So, It’s not really frustrating at all.  I’ve found out something.  I needed to take care of myself more so that the next time, I’ll be ready.

I’ll eat lots of camote tops and be ready the next time.



  1. halu cris

    nice to dropby at ur blog. very informative. i’ve just known a health drink that would somehow augment the nutrients our body needs.

    it has the 5 power herbs:

    namely malunggay, dahon ng sili, saluyot, uray, & camote tops.

    if you want to know more about it, you can visit my blog at


  2. hi myfirstvitaplus

    I’ve already bought a sachet from a friend. thanks for dropping by. also, I am already drinking fresh juice from malunggay, dahon sili and camote tops. I also mix alugbati in my juice. I have no saluyot plants and I’m not familiar with uray.

    good luck.


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