Posted by: cris | November 12, 2008

Vermicomposting – march 13, 2008 post

This is my March 13, 2008 post in this blog (morning). I am posting this again to start a series of articles on Vermicomposting. This is because I am bringing my home vermicomposting to the next level.

It’s been a while since I last visited my composting worms. I placed them in 2 wooden boxes in the garden. I wonder what happened to them. Although I gave them plenty of pre-composted worm food before I decided to forget them for a while. Hopefully this afternoon I’d be able to visit them and check the amount of available food and moisture. And hopefully, they are still alive.

I’ve been getting my fertilizer from the wastes produced by my african nightcrawlers. I started with just 15 pcs two years ago and was able to increase the population. However, busy-ness always gets in the way. As well as laziness, hehehehehe. although I kind of forget these earthworms sometimes, they still manage to live.

I promised myself I’d do gardening this holy week break.

This was my entry same day afternoon.

What a day. This morning I said I’ll check on my african nightcrawlers this pm. But this has been a day packed with so much “to do things” that I am about to end the day and haven’t taken a peep in the vermicompost area.

I’d like to credit Ma’am Pamela Henares of BuroBuro Vermi farm for sending me through email the manual for vermiculture/vermicomposting a few years ago. Please check out their site at


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