Posted by: cris | November 12, 2008

Kapamilya Negosyo Na (Season 3)- Cebu

I didn’t have a chance to post an entry last October because I was busy with my new project. A vermicomposting project. This is the basis of the business plan I submitted last July 12, 2008 to Kapamilya Negosyo Na (KNN).

Kapamilya, Negosyo Na! is a radio reality show aired every Saturday 12:30pm to 2:00 pm over DYAB 1512, the local AM radio station of ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation in Cebu. It is hosted by Jun Tariman. The show runs since October 2007. The show is now on its 3rd season. (Link :

Kapamilya Negosyo Na is a joint project of the University of San Carlos College of Commerce Alumni Association, Inc. the USC College of Commerce, and ABS–CBN / DYAB.

This year’s KNN is led by the new president of the University of San Carlos-College of Commerce Alumni Association, Marissa Puche.

The following information was lifted from the USC: The Carolinian Blog, written by Ma’am Carmen Piramide (Link:

USC Kapamilya Negosyo Na! aims to encourage individuals to engage in business. This is achieved by literally walking them through the aspects of putting up a business. It begins with a seminar on the preparation of a business plan and continues with the on–air discussions of the basic knowledge necessary for one to be an entrepreneur.

Midway in the program, ten winners are chosen and are given seed capital each. They are then asked to secure all the necessary permits so they can operate legally. Mentors are assigned to each winner to help them as they take their first steps towards empowerment. At the end of the program, the best among the ten is chosen and given additional seed capital.

The tri–media exposures given to the winners during the interviews and the on–air lectures give the new entrepreneurs a platform to jump start their businesses.

Author: Carmen Piramide
24 / July / 2007


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