Posted by: cris | November 12, 2008

Home-Vermicomposting under the tree – May 16, 2008

This was my post last May 16, 2008. I am re posting this for a series of vermicomposting articles.

The garden beside our house is now very much shaded by coconut trees and two mango trees. I can’t grow anything there now except some manaw and some orchids. Hubby even bought some sunshine chickens (sasso breed) to raise there. More the reason not to grow anything there anymore. Anyway, the african nightcrawlers earthworms’ are still alive under the mango trees. The chickens love them.

worm bin

This is the worm bin under the native mango tree

worm bin

This is the worm bin under the apple mango tree. Behind this wooden box are my seedlings. I planted some tomato and mustard maybe next week I’d be able to transfer the seedlings to individual pots for growing. Likewise, next week, or over the weekend, I will harvest vermicompost and give the worms new food.

I’ve started a new garden on the property fronting our house. The owner allowed me to plant veggies there while they are still not building a house.



  1. I am interested in vermicomposting. How do I start and where can I get more information about starting one at home? I also live here in Cebu City particularly Punta Princesa. Thanks for your reply.

    • i have a post here titled home vermicomposting it might help you. you may also seek help from the, bgy luz. Mam Nida cabrera is very willing to help anybody. if you have particular questions, you may email me

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