Posted by: cris | November 12, 2008


This is my other post last June 1, 2008. I am re posting it for a series of articles on vermicomposting.

Finally I was able to harvest my vermicompost from worm bin number 1. I’ll just take care of worm bin number 2 sometime next week.

empty worm bin #1

When I harvest my vermicompost, I pile the materials like small hills. Like small Mayon volcanoes. This is to allow the worms to hide at the bottom of the pile. The worms are light sensitive that’s why they go to the bottom of the pile.

mini mayon volcanoes


When I think the worms have descended to the bottom, then I sift the compost using wire mesh. This takes time. Of course, you can make a sifter by framing the wire mesh/screen. With this kind of hard work, you better cover your nose and mouth to protect yourself from dust. you must also wear gloves.

finished compost

This is the finished product. Granulated vermicompost ready for use in the garden. You can use vermicompost as direct plant food or vermitea.

african nightrawlers

Now, here are some of the african night crawlers I collected. Ready to be put back again to the worm bin with new food.


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