Posted by: cris | November 12, 2008

Food for the compost worms – June 1, 2008

This was my post on vermicomposting last June 1, 2008. I am re posting this for a series of vermicomposting articles.

This is how I prepare food for the African night crawlers:

green and brown

I have a pail just outside the kitchen door where we place all compostable materials from the kitchen. These “green” materials include all fruit peels, veggie peels, etc.

I also see to it that I have “brown” materials, too. In my case, I often use wood shavings or sawdust.

beginning compost

When I’ve mixed the greens and browns, I include a generous amount of old vermicompost on the mixture and pour water to hasten decomposition I use old sacks to contain the fresh materials.

compost under the tree

When done with the mixing, I tie the sack and wait from 3 weeks or more to feed to the worms. Preparing compost should be a continuing activity so that you will not run out of food for your worms.



  1. i have js started vermicomposting about 2 wks ago and im so glad iv read your column in the web

  2. i found so much joy in farming , i consider this as one of my hobbies when im not in the office nakakarelax talaga just dont hesitate to share your ideas and experiences regarding farming

    • thanks for the kind words. goodluck in your new hobby.


  3. Hi Cristina! I am interested in vermicompost. Where can I get African Night Crawler to start with my vermicompost at home and how much per kilo.

    • hi martin.

      You may get your composting worms from mr. ronnie of bgy. luz. Just go to bgy. luz hall and ask for him. I got mine from them also. It’s P500.00 per kilo. good luck

  4. i got mine form brgy luz also, kaapan kay about 90% sa gihatag was castings and there were only few worms, sad. i should have got upstairs to purchase from the office, kani sad laging mga tambay ug boy sa luz niharang pud kay pahuwaton lang daw ko sa ubos, gitunulan rasad kog recibo sa gawas sa bgry hall. tsktsk

    • so how much did you pay for the 10% worms? i hope its not much.

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