Posted by: cris | September 19, 2008

Mango harvest

You like mangoes? Of course, you may say. For me, mangoes are really delicious. We have 1 piko tree when I was young. Piko is a variety of mango that is a little bit sexy to the eyes. Even if the skin is still greenish, the fruit is already sweet. During mango season, I see to it that when I wake up in the morning, I go visit the tree to pick up fallen fruits. Those were the days.

May auntie also has a mango tree in her frontyard. It is a carabao variety and it really tastes sweet when ripened. However, a greenish fruit is very sour even if it is already a little bit yellowish. During those days, we don’t spray mangoes with any flower inducer chemicals. we just burn the fallen leaves near the tree everyday and then wait for it to flower. I really believe that mangoes during my younger years tastes better than what we eat these days.

Here in Cebu, mangoes are sprayed with chemicals. Starting from inducing the tree to flower up to a few days before harvest. And this entails a lot of expense on the part of the farmer. The solution is to look for a contractor who will take care of the mangoes up to harvest time. Sometimes the same contractor will buy the fruits come harvest time, sometimes the owner may look for a buyer. But the difference here in Cebu is each mango is wrapped by imported newspaper (thicker than local newsprint) to protect mangoes from insects. Wrapped one by one from the top, down, from below going up.

For me, It is better to find an experienced and reliable contractor who can also give you, the farmer/owner of the trees a competitive buying price. If you have a contractor, you, as the owner will receive 1/5 of the total sales less the expenses for harvest day (payment for fruit pickers, and food for the day). Without any effort on your part, you get passive income from your orchard.

Yesterday was mango harvest time. We were told that there were about 1,000 kilos of mangoes that will be harvested for this site. It turned out that it is almost 4,000 kilos. We went home late since we have to finished the weighing of the mangoes. Some mangoes weigh as much as half a kilo a piece but most are regular in size. Very few have insect bites and some cracked just because they’re so big.

Here are some pictures of the boxing of mangoes.





  1. Hi! I would just like to ask where is that mango farm? naa pa ba na xa ron? (knowing 2008 pa ni nga post, hihi)

    • oo naa pa ni siya. naa siya sa lusaran

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