Posted by: cris | September 8, 2008


In my kid’s special school, parents are encouraged to give virgin coconut oil to their special children. Virgin coconut oil is believed to help control the growth of candida albicans. It’s expensive if you buy it from stores and you won’t even know how they made it because there are many ways to produce virgin coconut oil. So, we produce our vco at home just to make sure.

It is very labor intensive. From grating to pressing, to filtering, you really must sweat it out. But it doesn’t mean that you also mix your own sweat with the finish product.

Although we have a mechanical presser, we are not using it anymore since the school people said that we minimize the oil’s contact with metals. So, we hand press the grated coconut everytime we make vco. Nakakapagod. Whew!

So, where do we use the vco that we make? We use it for frying fish, meat, sauteing, mix with hot rice, mix with juices, mix with arrozcaldo, drink plain, baking etc. etc. etc.

The last time we made vco was two weeks ago, out of the 49 pcs of coconuts that weighed 21 kilos after grating, we made a total of 4 liters vco plus about a liter extra oil for cooking. I sent 2 liters of VCO yesterday to Manila for my sister and mother to drink. The other two liters we will consume here in Cebu for drinking (even if it’s not yummy).

It’s hard work to make your own vco but it’s worth it. A visit to the doctor might cost you P500.00 in just one sitting and you still have to buy medicines (that might cost you a fortune). Make your own VCO for a better health and your P500.00 will go a long way.

Even if you don’t have coconut trees in your area, you can still make your own VCO following the procedures I posted here in another post. You can just buy coconuts from the market. If you are in Manila you can even ask the store keeper to press it for you, if they have a presser. Or, just press it by hand. Buying about 6 large coconuts will provide you with half a liter of vco more or less. Choose only mature coconuts.

But please take note. After you harvested the VCO, don’t throw the curd away yet. Just let it stand there and let it produce more coconut oil for cooking. Your succeeding harvests will be for cooking because it has passed the required time limit to harvest VCO.

If you still have time. you may check out the procedure for making vco from my other post.


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