Posted by: cris | July 13, 2008

More on Malunggay (Moringa) Juice and Muffin

Today, I prepared my own recipe of malunggay juice. This, I now call Cristina’s malunggay Juice. Check out the recipe at this link:

The resulting pulp of malunggay I decided to include in the malunggay rich muffin, based on Dr. Vivencio Mamarils, recipe.

Please check out the recipe at this link:

Here is the product of today’s baking

The muffins tasted great (not because I’m the baker) The taste is good. You won’t even know there’s malunggay in it. Maybe because the malunggay I used for this has little juice because I already used it for our beverage.

I was able to bake 24 pcs using 2 muffin pans. If you plan to sell this, the cost per piece is around P4.00.

You must try it. If you bake this for your kids, they’ll hardly know there’s malunggay in it. This one really tastes good.



  1. Nice Site layout for your blog. I am looking forward to reading more from you.

    Tom Humes

  2. ..nice one ms. cristina !!

    ..gling aahh.. !


  3. erxien,

    Thank you for the compliment.


  4. mga ate or kua ano nmn yung recipe ng malung muffins assignment lng po sa EPP nmin pede bang makuha yung recipe?plzzzzzzzz^^

  5. charlie the link is on the above post.

  6. ms cris can i use the recipe you developed of moringa muffin

    • everything here is intended to be shared to everyone. please use the recipes if you want to try them. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Medyo wala pa lang new posts kasi busy talaga ako sa mga panahong ito

  7. ano po ung mga benifits na makukuha po sa pagkain ng malunggay muffin?
    para po sa rrl ng study namin.. thanks po.,

    • angenica,

      wala akong facts. please search the net


      • vivian

        kopyahin mo lang okay lang.


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