Posted by: cris | July 13, 2008

Malunggay (Moringa) juice- fr

Just tonight, I found this entry from Maybe I’ll just boil the rest of the extract I got today following this recipe.

junnix said, April 15, 2008 at 12:57 pm

malunggay juice can be prepared as follows:

1. separate all the leaves from the stem

2. wash thoroughly the leaves
3. put three cups of leaves n the blender and one cup of water
4 blend it thoroughly until leaves were crushed thinly and colors were
turned into green
5. pour it into a cooking pan and add more water (preferably 10 cups)
6. boil it for an hour or until the particles subsided.
7. SALAIN ang water…..and its a JUICE…..keep refrigerated..
note: you may put pandan leaves or tanglad while boiling it.



  1. thank you very much, beacause of this site i have learned a lot…and to ms. cristina, i’d like to thank
    you so much,……more power and God bless

  2. You are very much welcome gemma

  3. gud day
    can u send me recipe book on my address?…thank you and more power

  4. Armi

    What recipe book are you asking?


  5. I have heard a lot about the benefits of the malunggay juice but cannot find it in regular food stores. Where can I buy?

  6. Ester,

    I am now in Cebu and most people here have a plant or two in their yard. I don’t know where you are now but if you are in manila, you may try buying a plant from greenhearts garden. Please check out this link:
    and from there you will find out how to reach them.

    It is better to have malunggay in your backyard instead of buying it from the market. If you live in a high rise building, plant it in a bigger pot. If it’s possible, you may use a half drum or oak barrel.

    Good luck.


  7. HI Cris,
    thank u so much for those substantial informations about moringa. hope u can post similar infos re for our health..

    i am interested also to recieve any recipe book re filipino veggie food . my address is Christine Senolos Zamboanga State College – MST
    Fort Pilar, Zamboanga City 7000

    Thank u and Godbless.

  8. christine

    I will compile my recipes and maybe later on print them.

    pls check out also Meg Si has wonderful recipes in her blog


  9. hi cris, thank you for the recipe of malunggey juice. keep up the good work. informing people about malunggay. take care.

  10. dorothy

    thanks. take care, too


  11. Hi, I browse in google and I’ve seen this site.. I was looking for guide how to make how to make moringa juice.. because I heard it’s good for to lower down cholesterol 🙂

    this is very useful… thanks..:)

    Good Luck and more power.

  12. you’re welcome merl. next time i’ll check your site, too. thanks for dropping my corner.


  13. hi,you know.just now i searcrh regarding malunggay juice,kasi my son ezekiel was almost mag 2weeks ng ubo at naubos ng gamot na pinaiinom ko di pa din sya magaling,until the lord impress to do malunggay jiuce,in my obidience ginawa ko.same way,blender then medyo mapait sa panlasa ko,what i did put some sugar plus calamansi,in my amazement my son drink it and talagang nasarapan sya,at nag oberve ako until night di na sya inubo ng usual nyang ubo sa gabi,thank god for the wisdom that He is given to men and to HIs is miracle moringa naman ang tawag ko.all glory to god!

  14. by the way ginawa ko yung malunggay juice last july 13 bago ako ngayon nag search,at pwede ding imbes sugar mas pwedeng honey, at pwede ding lemon,wala kasi ako that time ng honey at lemon so another version,masarap lalo pag malamig at the same time kasi para mas magustuhan talaga ng mga bata like my son ezekiel whos 6yr old.


  15. hai.. pwede rin bah ang malunngay flower maging juice? please response..

    • christine,

      puede siguro if lalagyan mo ng konting tubig at i be-blender mo yun. pero ang alam ko, pinatutuyo iyon para gawing tea. maganda rin yun sa katawan base sa nabasa ko. good luck

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