Posted by: cris | July 9, 2008

More on Cristina’s Malunggay (Moringa) Juice July 9, 2008

I prefer to drink the malunggay juice I made because it’s liquid chlorophyll. I get a lot of nutrients by drinking it (that’s my own conclusion, not from a doctor). Though it tastes somewhat bitter.

Here’s another way to enjoy the pure malunggay juice.

Mix some juice with your drinking water. Chill then drink it every time you get thirsty. There is no limit to what you can mix with your drinking water as long as you can tolerate the taste.

My youngest son who has special needs does not complain when he drinks this water-malunggay juice concoction. He seemed to like it actually.

Don’t be surprised when you feel a “little sick” when you start drinking the pure malunggay juice. Just like what some people say, “It will get worse before it gets better.”

Try mixing this water also with your ice candy and for any juice. It will also serve as good coloring for your green juices.

Check how I make juice by checking this link.



  1. i want to know something about malunggay

  2. hi Cristina,

    I’m excited to try your recipes. i want to make healthy foods for my family. Can be a good idea for business.



  3. Hi Cris.Nice article.I like malunggay for tinola.

  4. hi, i just want to know if malunggay can gave to a baby 6-9 mons of age, or if it can mix to the foods we gave to her like cerelac.

    as you know after hearing the news about the benefits of malunggay i make some experiments but im hesitate to give it to my pamangkin even to taste it..

    i hope for the reply or to your post reply to my questions..

  5. Joy,

    If you cook malunggay (together with fish, chicken or just with other veggies), I think you can get some malunggay and mash it before you give to your niece. Just make sure there are no fish bones. If you are still unsure, just the soup of your cooked viand will do. That’s my opinion as a mother.

    Good luck.

  6. hi there! just wanna know if malunggay puree.., can give to high blood person… my inlaw is stroke patient and sometimes his blood pressure is high… dont u think its ok!
    pls reply…

  7. Marian

    Hi. First, I am not a doctor Marian. I cannot confirm or refute that. However, my personal opinion is that since this is food, basically, MAYBE it is ok for him. But tell you what, since my husband has high blood pressure also, we see to it that we eat malunggay everyday as vegetable dish with lemon grass. I will post a simple way to do this. today


  8. hi cristina ur recipe is good to our health it can develop our skin to be not dry tnx to inquir us to taste it nice developing god bless.

  9. thanks phoebe

  10. Like your website…

    I peel off dried malungay seeds and eat at least 2 seeds a day.

    It taste bitter, so I bite it with my front teeth.

    An old Japanese businessman came by to my house (I live in Okinawa) one day and asked some seeds from my malungay tree, he was so exited.
    He came back the following week with with an ice box filled with big fishes (for sashimi) and gave it to me and harvested my malungay leaves. He said its priceless.

    That’s when I startted experimenting eating the seed and having malungay tea too.

    • thanks. it’s just a pity i am so busy these days that I didn’t have a chance to update this blog with new posts. I hope I’ll be able to have some more free time in the coming days. One of the topics I’m going to work on is malunggay seeds.

  11. its good b’coz it has lot of nutrients.and also thank you b’coz it help us in making our project perfect!!

  12. ty for your idea

    • ur welcome

  13. tanong ko lang po kung iinum ako ng malunggay juice this day tapos tomorrow tanglad juice naman, may chemical reaction ba ito, hindi ba harmful ito para sa katawan ng iinum?…ang mga juice na ito sinasabi ko ay personal na juice extract ko ha..thanks

    • joel, di ko lang alam kung may chemical reaction

  14. ask ko lang po my nabasa kc ako na ang malungay eh abortifacient po?nakak control daw po sya ng fertility na babae?toto po ba 2?kc po nababasa ko naman na my mga nagbubuntis dhil sa malungay?tenks po…

    • maylene yung dahon good for buntis. yung ibang part like yung ugat yata yun ang delikado for pregnant women at sa bata

  15. before po kc lage ako umiinom ng malunga 1 glass a day po.tapos nung nabasa ko na nakakacontrol sya ng fertility tinigil ko,tapos my nababsa nman po ako ngayun na naka2tulong sya para mabuntis po?naguguluhan po tlga ako.pls help me kc plano ko n po mag kababy.tenks po..

  16. malunggay loses its nutrient when cooked or boilled. you’ll get more benefits if you eat the leaves raw than cooked…

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