Posted by: cris | July 8, 2008

POLUNGGAY (Polvorones de Malunggay)

Dr. Lorna Valera’s POLUNGGAY(Polvorones de Malunggay)


4 c all-purpose flour

2 c sugar

1 ½ c malunggay (pureed)

2 c powdered milk

1 ½ c butter


1. Toast flour to light brown.

2. Mix sugar and powdered milk.

3. Melt butter/margarine with the pureed malunggay and to the mixture.

4. Mix thoroughly and mold in polvoron molder.

5. Wrap individually in Japanese paper if desired.

Yields: 85 pieces



  1. Hi!I am an Entrepreneurship student in Ateneo de Naga Universuty. My product is Moringa Polvoron. The taste of my polvoron is yummy and it is very nutritious since it is flourished with the leaves of moringa. I also added white chocolate chips on it thatr makes it more delicious. For those who want to order my product you can contact me at my mobiler # : 09203710226. Thank you. Experience a sweet life with a healthy food.

  2. hi im an employee, i find your recipe very interesting. Please inform me how to make malunggay puree. thank you

  3. ei there miss cris, i would like to ask permission to use your recipe of polunggay. i found it very interesting and very beneficial for our group.. we are in a community immersion project and we would like to teach the community how to make eating malunggay interesting for the children as a side project.

  4. Miss Cris, i hope you would allow us to use your recipe. It is for a greater cause. Thank you very much. Godbless.

  5. krystal,

    the original owner of this recipe shared it in the web and I just reprinted it here. But I guess it is okay with her since you will be helping children in your immersion project.

    Goodluck krystal


    • thank you krystal, and continue your good work

      • Please be advised that the owner of this recipe is Dr. Lorna Valera, as credited from the internet source where i got this recipe.

        Thank you

  6. yup malunggay polvoron is healthy thats why i decided to create my own malunggay polvoron as for my small business…..

    and i have alot of product that i made…..
    Malunggay Tea
    Saluyot Tea
    Ampalaya Tea
    Lagundi Tea
    and many more………..

    if you want to order my products…
    please call

    • How to make a malunggay puree?

      • i guess you need to extract first the juice. But the next question is how to sweeten it.and how can you preserve it.

        I think DOST can help us with answer.

  7. I find your website a very interesting and educational. Its only now that I came to know that malunggay leaves give so much good benefits for our health.

    I would like to know how to make malunggay puree as I will try to make the polvoron esp my daughter will give birth this coming month August.

    Thank you and continue the good work and sharing


  8. How can I make malunggay puree?
    Can you give me a related article about malunggay polvoron?

  9. what will i do with the toasted flour?
    what is the equipment to toast the flour?
    How many minutes to toast the flour?

  10. nel,

    pan toasting. pan roast the flour on a regular pan until a little brownish. It depends on how much flour you’re going to use. you’ll find it ok when you can smell toasted flour. you will know. just try it.


  11. hi miss cris, Moringa polvoron is one of my Feasibility study. can you pls give me some advice regarding its nutritional content?? thank you, youre response will be greatly appreciated…..

  12. Thanks, Dr. Valera for these recipes. My students will be entering 2-3 of your malunggay desserts in our nutrition celebration…

  13. Thanks, Ms. Cris for the wonderful posts…

  14. Nice post. Do you know anyone po who sells Home-made Malunggay Polvoron around Metro Manila? 🙂

  15. Hi! :)Can i use this as a guide to my project? 🙂 how many celsius i will use to cook the pulvoron?:)

    • i really don’t know how much. but just cook it until it turns a little brown

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