Posted by: cris | June 27, 2008

Malunggay (moringa) Pinipig Pulvoron

Heny Sison’s Malunggay Pinipig Pulvoron. (link posted below)

500 grams all-purpose flour

250 grams powdered milk

250 grams sugar

250 grams shortening

1/2 cup Magnolia Gold butter

2 cups pinipig, toasted

1 tablespoon malunggay powder

In a wok, toast the flour over low heat until light brown. Set aside.

Melt shortening and butter in a saucepan. Set aside.

Place powdered milk and sugar in a bowl. Add the toasted flour and malunggay powder. Stir to combine. Make a well in the center, then pour in the melted butter and shortening. Carefully mix in the dry ingredients making sure that they are evenly distributed. Cool.

Fold in the toasted pinipig.

Dip polvoron mold in granulated sugar. Mold the mixture and release on greaseproof paper. Let set for about an hour. Wrap in cellophane.



  1. hello puh.nabasa ku puh ang recipes ninyo malunggay polvoron with pinipig, sa 500grams na all purpose flour mga ilan puh pulboron ang pwede magawa?

  2. Where can I buy malunggay powder and how much?Thank you

  3. vicky,

    i can supply you if you want. Are you from Cebu? Tell me where you from and i will try to find out where you can buy it.

    • I live in manila. where can i buy malungay powder? thanks

      • i understand merong mga nabibili jan pero di ko lang alam kung saan saan. matagal na kasi akong di nakaka bisita sa amin sa quezon city kaya di ako pamilyar. sorry ha?

  4. how long can you store the pulvoron-the shelf life?

  5. dhail

    I usually finish selling the polvoron in one week or less so I really didn’t know how long is the shelf life. But I know ssomeone who knows a korean who makes this and exports moringa polvoron to south korea. He says that their polovoron lasts for three months. That’s their claim.


  6. ahm… te ask lang po.,ahm.. mag try sana q sa house f it taste good,, panu po ba mg adjust ng measurement?? ung pang sample lng kc 500 grams parang 4 cups,, den super dami na,, eehhe gusto q for sample lng muna kc project namin ehh… wait q po repz nuh,, ung mga adjustments sa measurement yields to mga 10 polvoron only,, repz po sana kau tnx.

    • i reduce mo lang ang quantity. if you reduce the flour into half lahat i reduce mo into half

  7. saka po,, anung klaseng shortening po?? dami po kc,,, thnx po

    • puede bitaw maski cooking oil. basta oil

  8. pwede din po kayang ampalaya-malunggay polvoron?? kc we ned it,na mg develop kmi new product.. 🙂

    • if ampalaya may try mo muna. tag 50% lang sa ampalaya at malunggay ang ilagay based on required quantity

  9. Mam alam mo po ba gumawa ng baked polvoron? Thank you po.

    • hi cely,

      ang alam ko meron talagang polvoron cookie. parang mexican yun. pero kung polvoron natin na i ba bake, di ko pa na try.

  10. ilan po ba na pieces ang nagagawa nyan?? thank you!

    • hindi ko nabilang. ipagpaumanhin.

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