Posted by: cris | June 24, 2008

Cambinocot, Cebu

To reach Cambinocot from Talamban, Cebu City, you will pass by several mountain barangays. These are, Pit os (where you can find Cebu International School), Binaliw 1 (where Golden Haven Memorial Gardens of Senator Manny Villar’s company is located), then Binaliw 2, Binaliw 3, Agsungot then Cambinocot and Lusaran.

There are still other barangays in this mountainous area not along the way going to Cambinocot. These are Paril, Mabini, Guba, Agsungot, Kan ates, etc. Economic activity is agricultural. Rice, mangoes, vegetables, goat farm, fighting cock farms, etc.

Here are two pics I’ve taken during the trip:

Mountainous view of Cambinocot

Another shot.

When I go back, I will take some pics of the other areas of cambinocot.



  1. nice….. just admired the one who made this … selling our place GREAT! this is to let others know that our place is not just just located on the mountains with no ….. you know, but we have something that we can be proud of… great…. have more lucks…. i’ll take pictures of cambinocot too… i can’t keep waiting.

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