Posted by: cris | May 28, 2008

Among payag sa bukid – part 2

There has been some developments in the farm. Hubby has hired some help to fence a portion of the farm. Around one hectare was fenced to contain the goats and some sunshine (sasso) chickens.

This is the view from the road of the fenced area. From the roadside to about 120m towards the back. The rest of the farm is still open area. The sacks in front are chicken manure, fertilizer for corns.

JJC Farms

Another view of the farm.

These are some of the F1 chickens (from sasso lineage) hubby brought to the farm.

Another shot of the chickens.

These are the goats hubby transfered to this newly fenced area.  The goats used to stay on the other side of the farm.  However, they were able to eat up all the grass there so as soon as this area was closed, all the goats were brought here to partake of the green grass available here.

Another shot of the goats.


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