Posted by: cris | May 14, 2008



This is my green tambis tree. the only one here in our  area. When matured, the fruits are very sweet. The tree is just about 10 feet tall.

tambis tree

These were the fruits during March 2008. When May came this small tree was fruit laden.

green tambis tree

Another bunch of fruits.

I bought the seedling from the Carmelite Monastery in Mabolo, Cebu City some years back. I am so happy that this plant flourished well even if it’s been transplanted 3 times . First I planted it on the right side of the house but when we cemented that part, I had to transfer it to a drum and let it grew at the terrace. It fruited but for some reason, I felt I am not giving it enough care so I transplanted it to the present garden.

I hope to be able to propagate this green tambis so that I can plant some in hubby’s farm.



  1. Thanks for the short but knowledgable information about this fruit! Thanks a lot! Actually, my classmates and I are having an investigatory project about this tree. And I hope it’ll be successful. Hope you’ll post more information next time. 🙂

  2. James,

    the tree is now very tall and is fruiting again this time. My problem now is that the garden is so crowded. Beside the tambis is the jackfruit which is starting to bear fruit and behind the tambis is a coconut tree. Adjacent to jackfruit is another dwarf coconut which is laden with fruit. ahhhhhhhhh. So many trees too small space.


  3. i want to know all about that……………………………………………

  4. wow, thats a very nice tree you got there, i wonder if i could eat like
    that too.

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