Posted by: cris | March 18, 2008

Club Ultima

For my kid who still needs Rehabilitation, there are a number of therapies he undergoes. His physical therapy, occupational therapy and sensory integration as well as special education is already center based (At Prime Center Foundation).

However we still provide him hydro-therapy. At home, I bought a large basin (used as fish crate) which he uses as his tub after taking a bath. When we have time, we bring him to Club Ultima for hydro therapy, in their aqua fitness pool


At the 17th floor of Club Ultima building, you will find the aqua fitness pool which has small pumps installed on the sides of the pool. There are also upright seats and reclined seats with small pumps installed so your body will be massaged while just resting there.

This pool is great for my kid because it’s not so deep. Just enough for him to be able to support himself by holding onto the sides or to the short wall behind the seats in the middle.

The water in the pool itself resembles somehow the sea, because the pumps cause the small waves that massages his body, As well as mine (hehehehe).

I’m really sorry if I’m not able to describe well this pool but you may check out their website


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