Posted by: cris | March 14, 2008

Composting at home

It’s been my habit to separate my garbage. All biodegradable trash goes to a compost pile. Just like that. Throw and throw. After a while, I decide its harvest time. So, I bring my small chair and screen wire mesh and goes to work, sifting the blackish compost from undecompost, twigs and the like. This is what I feed to my plants.

Of course one cannot always do this. This seems unfathomable if you are a busy mom. So, when I am busy, I just throw raw kitchen wastes (veggie peels, fruits, etc) direct to the soil. Voila, instant food for my plants. No more sifting, no more time consuming separation. But I still keep the pile for garden wastes, since they decay slowly. I also throw there fish and meat washings and whatever biodegradable wastes i can practice the art of throwing.

One time, when I was reading Entrepreneur Phils., I saw this article about vermicomposting done at BuroBuro farms of Ma’am Pamela Henares. Since there is a contact number , I called and was able to talk to her husband, was briefed about vermiculture. He advised me to call again so that I’d be able to talk with his wife. And the next time, I was lucky. Talked to Ma’am Pamela. She sent me through email, a manual for vermiculture/vermicomposting. I was convinced by the benefits but I found it hard to feed the 1 kilo of minimum order of worms. You know, 1 kilo of worms is about 500 african nightcrawlers. Where in this part of earth would I find the food for them? And the time to take care of them.

A year past and one day, while visiting SM Cebu North, I found out that one garden exhibitor is selling small packs of worms. 1 pack of worms is about 15 pcs. I decided that this is the quantity I’m comfortable to start with. So, buy ang Lola nyo. The rest of the story in the next post. Bye.


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