Posted by: cris | March 8, 2008

More than 1 special kid in the family

Aside from my daughter who has hearing loss, my third child is also special. He walks with minimal support from us, lacks balance, limited verbal ability. He is also far sighted.

We started therapy when he was four months old up to last year (age 10). Now he’s enrolled in a school which include sensory integration, biomedical intervention. He is in a special diet but we haven’t got to fully follow it. Casein is still present in his diet in very minute quantity. Gluten is still present in the form of occasional bread and biscuits. sweets are still present in the form of some fruits and bread. I am hoping we will really get around to fully follow the nutritional diet. He is also supposed to follow a sensory diet for his sensory integration needs. Drinking VCO is also required for the benefit of the child.

During the span of ten years we’ve been to different therapy centers here in Cebu. Been to public school, then private  , then back to public, and now, finally in another special school.

When my son was assessed at this Center, I related all the hardships we went through in the process of helping our son. The one who assessed our son is an  OTRP. He told me that at least now, we have a direction. By following their way of teaching and rehabilitating special kids, there is hope. Yes, there is hope. We’ll take it one step at a time.


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