Posted by: cris | March 8, 2008

Special Diet for Special Kids -2

For a mother with three kids, a husband in tow, and no househelp, it is just so hard. Oftentimes it’s difficult for me to cook a separate viand for my youngest child. Hard as it may seem, here are some of the recipes I cook either just for my kid or for the whole family.

Potato Chips/Fries:

Wash Potato, peel, slice, and soak in water with a little salt. Let cool inside the ref, or if you’re in a hurry a few minutes in the freezer. Fry using Virgin Coconut Oil. (Note: Don’t use pre-cut potatoes from the grocery store)

Fried egg:

Use only egg white. Scramble. add a dash of salt. Cut potatoes in small squares. Fry potatoes first and when soft, add the egg white. cook well.

Or: saute’ garlic, onion and tomatoes. Add the egg white. cook well.

Or: Hard boil egg, cut into small squares, add lots of cut fresh tomatoes and salt.

Fresh fish with malungay (moringa oleifera):

Choose only fresh fish. Cut in serving size. Sprinkle some salt. Cut tomato, onion. Tie a few lemon grass leaves. Boil water and add tomato, onion and lemon grass. Let it boil again then add the fish. when the fish is cooked, add malungay boil for 5 to 10 seconds then serve.

Fried Chicken/Pork:

Remove fats/skin. Fry with VCO

Another mother from the school told me that instead of cornstarch or flour, they use egg white with finely ground rice as batter for the chicken. This ground rice can also be used for thickening soups.
Fried Fish in VCO:

Use only the small ones like galungong. For me, best are. fishes with scales like dalagang bukid. I’ve stopped buying bangus and tilapia recently because I don’t know if the fish ponds where they grow are clean.

Give lots of raw foods like fruits, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, carrot. (remember you are enhancing the immune system of your child. This is just my idea, hehehehe)


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