Posted by: cris | March 8, 2008

Special Diet for Special Kids -1

Following a special diet like Gluten Free/ Casein Free diet is hard. But its harder when even food for candida albicans should be eliminated. What are these foods? Sweets. Anything sweet. And the diet gets hardest when even the colored natural foods are not allowed. Like watermelon, carrots, squash, tomatoes, which are regulars in our diet.

Cooking and eating utensils should be changed to new ones also since the old ones might be contaminated by allergens, by different food seasoning, flavorings, etc., we previously used for cooking. Well of course, the new ones will only be used by the special child not the rest of the family. We, the rest of the family, can still use the old equipments. Cooking utensils may not be expensive. Clay pots are good. But of course, that would be hard to find. But glass cooking utensils are top grade. I am using stainless steel cooking wares.

I am actually thinking that, indeed, this FAST Protocol is hard to follow. Especially when you are expected to change everything immediately. My idea is that to follow the guidelines little by little. Changing our way of life immediately is hard. Of course we can do that but for only a short time. Sustaining is another issue. We will later on go back to what we are used to. This is what I am doing.

First: Eliminate immediately, all vitamins which are not from natural sources. No more vaccinations. Buy new clay pots (or glass cooking wares if your budget allows), buy new eating utensils,

Second: Boost the immune system of the child by giving Vitamin B6, magnesium and Vitamin C. (Note: This is my idea not from the school) Natural sources of Vitamin B6: organ meats, bananas, potatoes, green leafy vegetables, avocados, almonds, Asparagus, tofu, poultry Natural sources of Magnesium: dark leafy green vegetables like malungay, tofu, nuts, legumes, seeds, bean sprouts, cashew, lemons, apples, chicken, beef and pork. Natural sources of Vitamin C: cashew, guava, camachile, datiles, rambutan.

(In our case, I haven’t really given my child vitamins bought from the store.  I just try my best to give him food that can supply these nutrients)

Third: eliminate casein (such as milk, butter, yoghurt)

Fourth: eliminate gluten (such as wheat, oats, rye, and barley)

Fifth: Don’t forget to give at least 20ml a day of Virgin Coconut Oil. Increasing to 60ml later on is not bad because there is no overdose with VCO. You can make your own VCO. VCO also enhances the immune system.

Sixth: If you are used to using seasonings, MSG, artificial flavorings, start eliminating them too

If the child is improving and maybe this would take about 6 months then its time to attack the candida albicans.

Seventh: remove all sweet foods, including fruits.

Eight: Colored foods to be eliminated

Your time frame. Its up to you. Just keep on trying and do your best. Just like me. Because after a while of keeping the diet, we are back to square one. We’ve kept the diet for a while and the vco but busy-ness kept us away.  Now, we are starting all over again.


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