Posted by: cris | March 8, 2008

How to Make your Own Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO)

VCO is expensive when you have to buy it ready to drink. Here’s what I got from

1. Select only fresh and mature quality coconuts.

2. Split coconuts and collect coconut water.

3. Grate coconuts and collect coconut meat.

4. Bag the coconut meat. Use white nylon mesh bag.

5. Place bag in a Cold Press* machine. At home, you can hand press using gloves. Collect coconut milk.

6. Soak the pressed bag in coconut water and press for a second time. Collect more coconut milk.

7. Allow the coconut milk to settle undisturbed in a cabinet at 32degC for 10-17 hours.
Coconut oil will naturally separate from water and proteins.

8. Carefully collect and filter the oil and avoid mixing with the bottom water layer. The oil is colorless.

Few Tips from Cris: To filter your oil, use filter paper from the drug store. Place it on top of a funnel so that the oil will drain to your chosen container. Filter at least 2 times. Cover well and keep away from light.



  1. i need flowsheet to make vco from coconut.
    so,,plese help me….

  2. Okay Flor,

    Pls chect out amazing foods corp. website.

    I have been following this process eversince.

    Good Luck.


  3. How do you do this po without using electricity? Like no freezing or heating. 🙂 Thanks po.

    • when you grind the coconut its best to use electricity since you wont get the fine uniform texture which helps you to express more milk from the coconut.

      in pressing, you may either press by hand or mechanically.

      in the process of releasing the oil, you may place the container of expressed coconut milk in a cabinet or in a closed room . after 24 hrs, you will see that the oil has separated from the water and curd. harvest this. this is best for drinking.

      if you leave the container in the cabinet/room, and wait for another 24 hrs, you may use the harvested oil after 24 hrs, for massage, or for cooking.

      good luck

  4. how much is the current price of VCO

    • floyd,
      here in cebu a liter costs P600

  5. hi mam,, it is being misunderstood by us coz we really think that the life span of grated coconut is just for an hours only, that it is already spoiled if we wont cook it within the day… now i know,, di pala sayang,,, coz i’ve been suffering ever for my dry and very thin curly hair, plus it is being relax,,, ive been using coconut oil for maybe 5 years and its really a big help since i cant buy expensive products,, and it really works,it gave different life to the hair comparing it with the other products. i just let it in my hair for an hours or sometimes overnight before taking a bath..

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